The White Lotus: Where to watch in the UK and who’s in the cast

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  • The White Lotus had viewers hooked before it even landed on screens this month, with its star-studded cast, mystery fatality at the heart of the plot and hot takes on contemporary issues – all set against the gorgeous Hawaiian sunshine. 

    Mark White, creator, writer and director of the US series, focuses on the lives of the staff and newly arrived guests of The White Lotus, luxury resort and spa. In six episodes, the action plays out over one eventful week. It’s just one of the captivating television shows hitting our screens at the moment, with the next episode of Nine Perfect Strangers airing soon and Married at First Sight UK airing a new series. 

    So how can you watch this new series in the UK, will there be a season 2 and who are the cast members of The White Lotus?

    Where to watch The White Lotus in the UK

    Season one of The White Lotus premiered on Sky Atlantic on August 16 but all episodes are now available to watch on NOW TV in the UK. It previously aired on HBO Max in the US.

    It might have only been out for a matter of days but already viewers have made it their top-pick of TV for August. A rave review from The Guardian called it “a magnificently monstrous look at how the other half live”. They also described it as similar to HBO series Big Little Lies, just “with another two and a half turns of the screw”.

    Viewers also took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the new show, highlighting their favourite characters.

    This is a Belinda stan account! #TheWhiteLotus”, one user wrote. 

    Others tried to figure out what would happen next as events went on in the series.

    And even the stars of The White Lotus themselves got involved in the excitement over in the States.

    Will there be a season 2 of The White Lotus?

    Yes, it’s already confirmed there will be a second series of The White Lotus

    The popular series has hardly been out for more than a day. But fans are already excited for season two! The second season will follow a new group of holidaymakers as they stay in another White Lotus holiday resort and attempt to relax in their new surroundings.

    Executive vice president of HBO Programming, Francesca Orsi, wrote in a press release, “Mike [White] has once again delivered a quintessential HBO show, and it’s the talk of the town. We were thrilled to hear where he wanted to go next, after closing this epic chapter in Hawaii, and can’t wait to keep following him wherever he takes us.”

    And although we don’t know who will be holidaying in season two, creator Mike White hinted that some of season one’s characters could be coming back to the resort for more. He told IndieWire, “I don’t think you can credibly have [all season 1 guests] on the same vacation again. But maybe it could be a Marvel universe type thing, where some of them would come back.”

    But this isn’t the only show with a stand-out location. Where Vigil is filmed in the UK has been a cause for speculation, since the new BBC One drama hit screens in late August.

    Who is in the White Lotus cast?

    The White Lotus cast include famous faces from film, television and music.

    Jennifer Coolidge – Tanya

    Famous for roles such as Stifler’s mum in the American Pie series and Paulette in the Legally Blonde film franchise, Jennifer Coolidge plays “spaced-out” guest Tanya who has come to the resort looking for love and to let go of the past. 

    Jennifer Coolidge, who is in the cast of The White Lotus

    Credit: Getty

    Alexandra Daddario – Rachel

    The mystery starts with journalist Rachel, recently married to Shane (Jake Lacy). Played by Alexandra Daddario, who you may remember from breakthrough roles in the Percy Jackson film series or 2017’s Baywatch film. 

    Sydney Sweeney – Olivia

    Sydney Sweeney first appeared on our screens in the lockdown-hit, Euphoria. She plays Olivia in this series, a university student with a razor-tongue and cynical view of the world that surrounds her.  

    Connie Britton – Nicole

    Having played major roles in American Horror Story, Nashville and Netflix drama, Dirty John, Connie Britton stars as type-A personality type, CEO and mum, Nicole, in this drama series. 

    Connie Britton, a cast member of The White Lotus

    Credit: Getty

    Jake Lacy – Shane

    Shane, played by US The Office star Jake Lacy, is the husband of Rachel (Alexandra Daddario). He begins the drama of the season after he’s spotted at the airport without his wife and gazing down at a box of “Human Remains” being loaded onto his flight. 

    Molly Shannon – Kitty

    Fans of Saturday Night Live will know Molly Shannon as she starred in the show for six years. In The White Lotus, Molly plays Shane’s (Jake Lacy) intrusive mother who she turns up on the couple’s honeymoon uninvited.

    Steve Zahn – Mark

    Steve Zahn, previously in films Dallas Buyers Club and Stuart Little, is the father of Olivia (Sydney Sweeney) and Quinn (Fred Hechinger). As well as dealing with an slightly embarrassing health crisis on arrival, Mark has to come to terms with his own father’s past in a whole new way.

    Steve Zahn at the premiere of The White Lotus

    Credit: Getty

    Fred Hechinger – Quinn

    Having most recently starred in Netflix horror, Fear Street, Fred Hechinger joins the series as socially awkward Quinn. Brother of Olivia (Sydney Sweeney), it’s on this holiday that Quinn gets to experience nature for the very first time. 

    Brittany O’Grady – Paula

    American actress and singer Brittany O’Grady plays Paula, who has joined the family holiday as fellow mean-girl and BFF of Olivia (Sydney Sweeney). 

    Murray Bartlett – Armond 

    Tales of the City star, Murray Bartlett, plays hotel manager Armond in The White Lotus. Complete with a clipboard, Armond attempts to keep the resort in order while entangled in an escalating row with Shane (Jake Lacey) after the couple aren’t put in the hotel’s honeymoon suite. 

    Natasha Rothwell – Belinda

    Saturday Night Live, Wonder Woman and Love, Simon star, Natasha Rothwell, plays spa-manager Belinda. Over the episodes, she’s taken on an emotional roller coaster as she becomes confidant to the self-confessed “insane alcoholic” Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge). 

    Natasha Rothwell

    Credit: Getty

    Jolene Purdy – Lani

    Donnie Darko and 10 Things I Hate About You star Jolene Purdy is new staff member, Lani, in the series. She needs the job at the hotel and all seems to be going well. That’s until she gives her big secret away.

    John Gries – Greg

    Fellow guest Greg catches the eye of Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) at the hotel. He’s played by director, writer and Napoleon Dynamite star John Gries.  

    Kekoa Kekumano – Kai

    Long-time staff member Kai, played by Hawaiian actor Kekoa Kekumano, makes a connection with one of the guests at the hotel during their stay. Previously, Kekoa has starred in films such as Aquaman as well as popular police show Hawaii 5-0

    Lukas Gage – Dillon

    Lukas Gage is also a Euphoria star as well as having been in popular films such as Love, Victor. In The White Lotus, he plays another experienced staff member at the hotel who works under the eye of manager Armond (Murray Bartlett). 

    Lukas Gage

    Credit: Getty

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