Vicky Pattison reveals huge news in exciting announcement

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  • Vicky Pattison has announced very exciting news that she’s the new ambassador of WW.

    The former Geordie Shore star has been revealed as the new face of WW (formerly Weight Watchers), as she embarks on a weight loss journey in a bid to boost her fertility.

    Speaking of her new role, she said, “My WW journey is starting at the perfect time and I’m hoping that it will give me the fresh start that I need. I was recently told that my previous lifestyle was not actually healthy for me and was shocked to learn it was having an impact on my fertility.

    “For me, joining WW is not just about being a certain size, but it’s about being healthy and giving my body a fighting chance so I can hopefully have kids one day.”

    She’s joined by her mum Caroll, which she hopes will make the lifestyle change easier.

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    I’ve been meaning to pop my New Years Resolutions up for awhile now but with everything else going on in the world me pledging to go to the gym more & drink less all just seemed a bit insignificant & futile. Having said that I do love this time of year (I’m weird I know)- it’s like the first page of a new book, & you get to write it! A fresh start and a chance to make it anything you want! New goals, new experiences, a new mindset. A brand new opportunity to be exactly what you want to be! And quite frankly that gives me goosebumps! & I love resolutions so here goes: My first resolution for 2020 is to travel more! I’ve always loved going on holiday & seeing new places but I think last year I really got bitten by the travel bug! I love that you can go away and experience another culture, immerse yourself with the locals, spend quality time with loved ones, try something different, be bold & do something adventurous or if you want just chill on a beach, drinking a cocktail & enjoying the sand between your toes!! Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell! And I honestly can’t think of a better first resolution than to commit to this ♥️! Last year I was lucky enough to travel to places that had been on my bucket list FOR YEARS!!! Budapest, Bali and Rome to name a few! This year I’m super keen to get to Thailand! (I really want to go to the elephant sanctuary in Chiang mai), I want to do the amalfi coast properly (& eat all the pasta) & finally I really would like to spend a weekend in Paris! (I know it’s cliché but I will be kissing @ercan_ram under the Eiffel Tower & no one will make me feel embarrassed about it- I’m buzzing 😂😍) So those are my initial plans!! Work permitting of course! But I’m keen to know where you guys want to go this year! Or give me some advice.. where have you been that you’ve loved?! Where should I put on my bucket list? Or actually my ‘f**k it’ list.. because, I always end up getting so fired up and excited when someone tells me about somewhere they’ve been I go: ‘f**k it, I’m going..’ 😂✈️ Talk to me, give me all your suggestions to satisfy my wanderlust please and here’s to 2020!

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    “Having someone to support you through a lifestyle change plays a big part in this, which is why my incredible Mum, Caroll, will be joining me on my WW journey. This year, we’re going to be putting our energy into feeling fitter and healthier than ever from the inside out, and hopefully inspiring others to do the same with their loved ones along the way”, Vicky added.

    The news comes after the reality TV star revealed on her new show, Vicky Pattison: No Filter, that she was considering freezing her eggs.

    She told, “I’m getting to the age where I am wondering about children. I’m worrying that, if I wait too much longer, they might not be part of my future. And I don’t want to rush our relationship for the sake of an end goal of a child.

    “I think in the New Year it’ll be something that I will actually start. It’s not an easy process, it’s not something you can just do on your lunch break, there are protocols I have to go through. I think it’ll be January that I do that, but it’s definitely still on the cards.”