Where to watch And Just Like That in the UK and who are the new cast members?

a still of Cynthia Nixon, Kristen Davis and Sarah Jessica Parker from And Just Like That - new Sex and the City series

The wait is officially over, yet many viewers are keen to know where to watch And Just Like That...in the UK.

For Sex and the City fans - it was the long-awaited and most celebrated news of 2020. When HBO and show creator Darren Starr announced that our favourite New York ladies would be slipping into their stilettos again for one more stylish series.

Many of the original, beloved characters have returned for the new series. Including Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte - plus Stanford Blatch, despite Willie's Garson's tragic death aged 57. Though sadly one familiar face is absent from proceedings, with Kim Cattrall not signing on for the latest series.

With the season finale now on the horizon, many are eager to know if there's a And Just Like That season two to look forward to. But for now, here's how to catch up on the first nine episodes and all the comprehensive season 1 intel to sink your teeth into.

Where to watch And Just Like That in the UK?

The show is being released on HBO Max in the US. But you can watch And Just Like That on both Sky and NOWTV in the UK.

The show airs weekly on Thursdays at 9pm on the Sky Comedy channel and is available to download and watch on demand after if you miss it live.

For those who don't have Sky, the same channel and on demand option is also available through a NOW TV membership. New customers can get a free 7 day Entertainment Pass trial, which costs £9.99 a month after that.


Also available to watch on the service is the documentary all about who Elizabeth Holmes is, The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicone Valley. 

Will And Just Like That be on Netflix?

No, you won't be able to watch And Just Like That on Netflix.

The first six seasons of Sex and the City aired exclusively on TV broadcaster HBO in America. And it seems that show creator Darren Starr decided to stick with HBO (now HBO Max) for the upcoming And Just Like That miniseries.

Netflix viewers can however watch the second film: Sex and the City 2 on the streaming platform.

As for those that wish to catch up on the classic show, you can find all episodes on NowTV and Sky to download and watch on demand.

And Just Like That Finale: Episode 10

The tenth and final episode of And Just Like That is titled 'Seeing the Light' and will air on Thursday 3 February. In the promo for episode 10, Carrie wrestles with finding a fitting resting place for Mr Big. Whilst Miranda questions whether to put love before work and Charlotte prepares for Roc's Bar Mitzvah.

The good news is that viewers can still catch up with the first nine episodes ahead of the finale. With the following available on demand now via Sky and NOWTV:

  1. Hello It’s Me
  2. Little Black Dress
  3. When in Rome
  4. Some of My Best Friends
  5. Tragically Hip
  6. Diwali
  7. Sex and the Widow
  8. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
  9. No Strings Attached
  10. Seeing the Light: airs 3rd February 2022


Where to watch And Just Like That documentary

The filming of And Just Like That is getting the HBO documentary treatment with a special behind-the-scenes feature airing on HBO Max on February 3. UK viewers will have to wait a little longer though as NOW, who have been streaming the new series, hasn't confirmed when the documentary will be available.

Interviews included in the special are with stars like Sara Ramírez, Mario Cantone, David Eigenberg, Evan Handler, Nicola Ari Parker, Karen Pittman, Sarita Choudhury and director Michael Patrick King. And as SATC would be nothing without its iconic looks, costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago will also talk about the making of the new series in the documentary.


Cast of And Just Like That:

Loyal fans will see most of their favourite characters return for the new series:

  • Sarah Jessica Parker plays Carrie Bradshaw
  • Kristin Davis plays Charlotte York
  • Cynthia Nixon plays Miranda Hobbes
  • Chris Noth plays Mr Big
  • David Eigenberg plays Steve Brady
  • Evan Handler plays Harry Goldenblatt
  • Willie Garson plays Stanford Blatch
  • Mario Cantone plays Anthony Marentino

a close up of Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker who you can watch in And Just Like That

Credit: James Devaney/GC Images.

Three of the famous quartet are back for And Just Like That. Though sadly Kim Cattrall will not be reprising her role of Samantha Jones in the new series (but more on that later).

Sex and the City fans will be pleased to learn that both Charlotte and Miranda's husbands (Harry and Steve) will be appearing. And of course Chris North is back as Carrie's husband Mr Big.

Who are the new Sex and the City cast members?

Nicole Ari Parker plays Lisa Todd Wexley

Actress Nicole Ari Parker on set of And Just Like That

Nicole Ari Parker on set filming And Just Like That (Credit: Getty).

Empire actress Nicola Ari Parker will appear as Carrie's new best friend Lisa Todd Wexley in And Just Like That.

HBO have remained tight-lipped on her character, only offering up the information that Lisa will be "a Park Avenue mother of three and documentarian."

It was later revealed that actor Christopher Jackson will play her husband, Herbert Wexley.

There's been attention surrounding Nicole as an African-American actress appearing in the previously all-white cast.

Addressing scepticism, she told Vogue, "The writers are skilful about having the characters, whether they’re of colour or not, acknowledge the newness they’re experiencing. But it all fits in with the same beloved tone of the show."

"The clothes alone are to die for," she adds "And let me tell you, there’s still a lot of sex in this version of Sex and the City."

Sara Ramirez plays Che Diaz

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Actress Sara Ramírez is best known for playing Dr Callie Torres in the hit medical show Grey's Anatomy. The 46-year-old Mexican-American will play non-binary character Che Diaz. They are described as a queer stand-up comedian and the host of a podcast which Carrie Bradshaw regularly appears on.

"Che is a big presence with a big heart whose outrageous sense of humour and progressive, human overview of gender roles has made them and their podcast very popular," HBO Max teased of the character in a news release.

Sarita Choudhury plays Seema Patel

Actress Sarita Choudhury with Sarah Jessica Parker on And Just Like That

Actress Sarita Choudhury with Sarah Jessica Parker on And Just Like That (Credit: Getty).

Character Seema Patel is described as a "single, self-made powerhouse Manhattan real estate broker". She is portrayed by 55-year-old English actress Sarita Choudhury.

She's appeared in M Night Shyamalan's thriller Lady in the Water (2006), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (2015) and alongside Tom Hanks in A Hologram for the King (2016).

Karen Pittman plays Dr Nya Wallace

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Karen Pittman plays Dr. Nya Wallace, described as a brilliant, challenging Columbia Law professor.

"I think people will really like [her]," Karen told People Magazine.

The 35-year-old The Americans actress also joked about her on-screen relationship with actor LeRoy McClain, who plays her musician husband Andre Rashad Wallace.

"There is plenty of sex in the city happening with him," Pittman promised.

Why isn't Kim Cattrall in And Just Like That?

Kim Cattrall has not publicly explained her reason for not returning as Samatha Jones in And Just Like That. But it has been speculated that she isn't in the miniseries due to an ongoing feud with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

There have been examples of on and off-set tension over the years. And in 2017, Kim Cattrall herself addressed the feud in an interview with Piers Morgan.

"The common ground that we had was the series and the series is over. ... Sarah Jessica, she could have been nicer ... I don’t know what her issue is. I never have," Cattrall said.

Things escalated again in 2018, when Kim publicly rejected Sarah's sympathies following her brother's disappearance and death.

"My Mom asked me today 'When will that @sarahjessicaparker, that hypocrite, leave you alone?'," read Kim's caption. "Your continuous reaching out is a painful reminder of how cruel you really were then and now. Let me make this VERY clear. (If I haven’t already) You are not my family. You are not my friend. So I’m writing to tell you one last time to stop exploiting our tragedy in order to restore your ‘nice girl’ persona."

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Sarah Jessica Parker responded as being "heartbroken' by Kim's words in an interview with Andy Cohen. "I found it very upsetting because that’s not the way I recall our experience. I always think what ties us together is this experience — it was a professional experience but it became personal because it was years and years of our lives."

As for And Just Like That, Sarah confirmed that whilst Kim is missing, they won't be replacing Samantha Jones.

"We're not looking to create a fourth character," she told TMZ. "We have New York City as a fourth character. There'll be lots of interesting new characters that we're excited about."

Where is Samantha in And Just Like That?

In new series And Just Like That, viewers learn that Samantha Jones is now living in London.

In the first episode, Carrie recalls to Miranda that she dropped Samantha as her PR representative for financial reasons. And that Samantha has not spoken to her or returned texts or calls since then.

Explaining Samantha's disappearance in the new series, HBO Max chief content officer Casey Bloys said, "Just as in real life, people come into your life, people leave.

"Friendships fade, and new friendships start. So I think it is all very indicative of the real stages, the actual stages of life… They’re trying to tell an honest story about being a woman in her 50s in New York. So it should all feel somewhat organic, and the friends that you have when you’re 30, you may not have when you’re 50.”

Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker in a still from Sex and the City

Credit: Getty

How old is Carrie Bradshaw in And Just Like That?

If our calculations are right, Carrie is between 52-54 years-old in And Just Like That.

In the first series - which aired in 1998 - we learn that Carrie is 32-years-old. And by the end of the sixth season, she is 38-years-old as reflected in an episode titled 'Catch 38'.

Though the character's ages are not confirmed in both Sex and the City films, it is assumed that the quartet are in their forties.

As for And Just Like That, we now have evidence that Carrie is indeed in her fifties, with one HBO show runner sharing that the show will follow the lead characters as "as they navigate love and friendship in their 50s."

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