Who is Dan Walker's wife and does he have kids? All you need to know about the Strictly Come Dancing star

Dan Walker, Strictly Come Dancing BBC
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Strictly Come Dancing fans are wondering who is Dan Walker's wife and does he have a family?

Strictly Come Dancing viewers are getting into the swing of the new season but there's one contestant that fans want to know more about.

Many either know Dan Walker as host of BBC Breakfast or as one of the 2021 contestants of Strictly Come Dancing (opens in new tab) - but who is he married to and does he have a family? Strictly It Takes Two (opens in new tab) won't always tell you.

So these are just some of the answers to the questions on viewer's lips...

Who is Dan Walker's wife?

Dan Walker is married to Sarah Walker. The pair married in 2001 after meeting in 1999 at the University of Sheffield where Dan completed an MA in Journalism.

The couple currently live in South Yorkshire, as Dan told the Daily Mail in 2018, "My wife Sarah and I moved to Sheffield last year because it's played a big part in our lives.

"We both studied here and it's where I began broadcasting."

While Sarah hasn't been pictured with Dan, as he chooses to keep her out of the limelight, it's understood that Sarah is a good cook. He previously told his 216,000 Instagram followers his day consisted of a trip to his hairdresser, before heading back to his home for dinner, prepared by his wife Sarah Walker.

“So lovely to meet Mrs Walker(what a delicious dinner) and my highlight was meeting the kids!" she wrote.

Dan also revealed his wife is a budding baker - sharing a snap of the gorgeous-looking maple and pecan cake in celebration of a family birthday.

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And in lockdown, Dan trusted his wife to cut his hair, and he praised her handiwork before admitting, 'My wife finally agreed to cut my hair. She has done an amazing job  Sadly, I decided to have a little trim of the fringe afterwards and... I have butchered it  It is SO bad I can’t even show you an actual picture of the scissor shame. This will have to do...'

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Does Dan Walker have kids?

Dan and Sarah are parents to three children, two girls named Susanna and Jessica, as well as a son named Joe. He recently took his Strictly professional dance partner to meet them alongside their beloved pet dog, a cockapoo named Winnie.

He has previously shared snaps of his kids from family holidays but their faces aren't shown to the camera.

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And he recently shared how his pet pooch wanted his attention. He tweeted, 'I've not been around much this week so I think Winnie just wants a day of me playing with her little raccoon.'

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It is not known how old the children are or how they got their names but when he is at home, Dan is the doting dad.

He tweeted to let his fans know he was ultimate dad duties at the start of the year. He wrote, 'Highlight of day 1 of lockdown was catching a child’s sick in a bowl milliseconds before it went everywhere. I was like a vomit ninja 300 parent points  Bring on the next 7 weeks.'

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Who is Dan Walker's Strictly partner?

Dan Walker is paired with Ukrainian/Slovenian professional dancer Nadiya Bychkova in the 19th series of Strictly Come Dancing.

The pair made it through to week three of Strictly after impressing judges and viewers with their Pasodoble.

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How tall is Dan Walker?

Dan Walker is 6ft 6 inches tall. Dan previously revealed he has been tall from birth. He said, '“I was a bit jaundiced when I was born and my mum tells me I couldn’t fit into the incubator, so they had to put two incubators side by side lengthways so they could fit me in. I was an absolute unit!”

He revealed in an interview that by the time he went to secondary school he was already towering above six feet. He spilled, "I was easily 6ft-plus. I didn’t get picked on, though. I had a good bunch of friends and I’ve always been able to deal with criticism or insults quite well. I just laugh it off or make a joke of it and move on. I loved every minute of school – I don’t think I missed a day. The ribbing and joking helped us become well-rounded individuals, because you never got a big head.”

Dan Walker, who is Dan Walker's wife?

And he revealed there are some advantages to being tall.

“I could always reach the biscuit jar which my mum used to put on the top shelf. That was a bonus. And you never lose somebody in a crowd, which is very important.”

What is Dan Walker's salary?

Dan Walker topped the BBC salary of stars that work on BBC Breakfast, according to the annual BBC salary report, which publishes salaries of all BBC stars earning more than £150,000, Dan was revealed to have earned £295,000 over the last 12 months, with Naga Munchetty £40,000 behind at £255,000 after taking over Emma Barnett’s Radio 5 Live show.

Both presenters saw their pay increase, with Dan earning £35,000 more in 2020/21 than the previous 12 months, and Naga earned an extra £60,000.

Dan announced he was stepping down from Football Focus (opens in new tab) earlier this year.

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Meanwhile, Charlie Stayt and Louise Minchin – who announced she was leaving BBC Breakfast (opens in new tab) after 20 years – earned £190,000 and £185,000 each respectively.