Why isn’t Dr Hilary Jones on Good Morning Britain?

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  • Why isn’t Dr Hilary Jones on Good Morning Britain? ITV viewers are wondering five months after the ITV daytime’s resident GP shared a promo clip of him as part of the presenting line-up for the upcoming season.

    Dr Hilary is normally on the TV in the mornings giving health advice on both GMB and Lorraine. But in recent weeks, viewers have noticed that he’s been missing from screens, with Dr Amir Khan giving his own medical advice instead.

    Fans of the show often ask where their favourite hosts are, with viewers wondering where Richard Madeley was recently and also asking where is Lorraine Kelly?

    Why isn’t Dr Hilary Jones on Good Morning Britain?

    Dr Hilary Jones isn’t on Good Morning Britain and hasn’t been seen on the show since 24th January but it’s not yet clear why. It could well be that he is enjoying some annual leave or is a busy GP in surgery.

    The TV doctor lives in a small town in Kent with his fitness-expert wife Dee Thrasher and their beloved dog Harley.

    Despite keeping his home life in Edenbridge relatively private, Dr Hilary has shared a glimpse of country-living with the public since the pandemic forced the nation to stay at home.

    Dr Hilary has still been using his social media to put out messages including the importance of child vaccinations. He tweeted, “It’s essential to get young children vaccinated against measles mumps and rubella to protect themselves and others from serious illness.”

    And he shared a clip from GMB when he appeared on 20th January and 12th January this year.

    Dr Hilary and wife Dee Thresher

    But an appearance on GMB sparked Ofcom complaints after hitting out at an ICU doctor for ‘putting patients at risk’ by not having the Covid vaccine.

    During an episode that aired early January, the television doctor clashed with consultant anaesthetist Dr Steve James, who has refused to get jabbed because “the science isn’t strong enough”.

    Dr Hilary fired back stressing that the science is “plenty strong enough” and that it is his “ethical duty” to get vaccinated.

    Does Dr Hilary Jones still work as a GP?

    Yes Dr Hilary Jones still works as a GP and practising aesthetic medicine. Dr Hilary qualified in 1976 at The Royal Free Hospital in London having studied art subjects at A Level before converting to a six year medical degree.

    In addition to being a GP, Dr Hilary Jones is TV Presenter, Medical Broadcaster, Author and Public Speaker.

    He appears regularly on Steve Wright’s Radio 2 show and has written a column for Fabulous Magazine, now the Sun on Sunday, for over 25 years. He remains a passionate advocate of medical education for all and exercise and humour as the best medicine of all.

    Aside from being on Good Morning Britain around once a week, in his spare time he’s been promoting his novel Frontline, which was published last year.

    GMB is on weekdays on ITV from 6am-9am.