Will Young shares heartbreaking news that twin brother has tragically passed away 

Will Young
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Will Young has shared the heartbreaking news that his twin brother has passed away.

Pop Idol winner Will Young confirmed the news that his twin brother Rupert has passed away, though his cause of death has not yet been revealed.

A spokesperson for the singer revealed the news in a statement, saying, "I can confirm that Will's brother has very sadly passed away.”

"We would like to request privacy for Will and his family during this very difficult and sad time."

In the past, the former Strictly Come Dancing star has opened up about his relationship with his twin brother and the mental health issues that he had faced.

"It's very tough having a family member who is an addict," he told the Daily Record in 2008.

Rupert Young, who set up mental health charity The Mood Foundation back in the late 2000s, also spoke openly in the past about his battle with depression.

Will Young

Rupert set up The Mood Foundation charity back in 2008 (Credit: Getty)

Back in a 2008 interview, he opened up about how he felt watching brother Will perform on the TV after he himself had spent the night drinking.

“It seemed bizarre to me that two people who are genetically the same could behave in such different ways,” he admitted, adding, “I realised that something had gone very wrong. But I didn't know what, or why, and nor did anyone else”.

“I saw the top doctors and psychiatrists in the country,” he added, “but the mental health system here is overloaded…I was never actually properly assessed”.

After working to fight his addition, Rupert set up his charity, which aims to offer free and one-to-one treatment to anyone over 18 that is diagnosed with depression or anxiety.

At the time, he said, ''My aim is to help people suffering from depressive conditions who are being prevented from recovery because they cannot afford the correct treatment or they do not meet the correct 'threshold' to access the appropriate services.

“One sufferer affects the lives of everyone around them”.

Our thoughts are with Rupert’s family and loved ones during this difficult time.

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