Where is Firefly Lane filmed? Locations featured in the Netflix drama series

Wondering where Firefly Lane is filmed? Look no further

Katherine Heigl as Tully, Sarah Chalke as Kate, and Jolene Jordan as Justine in Firefly Lane
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For those who like to find out where their favourite shows are filmed, stop the search for Firefly Lane because we've done it all for you!

Viewers charmed by the decades-spanning friendship of Tully and Kate in Firefly Lane, have been equally taken with the locations featured on the show. The series stars Katherine Heigl and and Sarah Chalke as friends navigating life from teenage years, into adulthood. Based on the novel of the same name by Kristin Hannah, the show has a cult following of dedicated fans. Viewers have found they're not only gripped by the acting and storylines, but also the locations acting as backdrops to the action. Keep reading to find out where the iconic scenery is in real life, that is as much a part of the series as the stellar cast.

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Where is Firefly Lane filmed?

Firefly Lane is filmed in British Colombia, Canada. Specifically, the areas of Vancouver and Burnaby are used. 

According to Atlas of Wonders, the shopping mall featured in the show is actually the CF Pacific Centre in downtown Vancouver. A flashback scene depicting a teenage Kate and Tully stealing cigarettes from a local shop,  was actually the Khwaja Convenience Store situated at 702 Hastings Street in Downtown Eastside, also in Vancouver. 

Further flashbacks to Tully and Kate's High School years were filmed at the Lord Byng Secondary at 3939 West 16th Avenue Vancouver. Incidentally, this is also the same school used for filming Riverdale

The cafe where Tully's mum works, is actually the Ovaltine Cafe found at 251 E Hastings Street in Downtown Eastside, Vancouver. The cafe has been open since 1942, and has often featured on lists of the world's best cafes. It is also no stranger to film and television appearances, having appeared in The X-Files, Lucifer, and I Robot

Benedict Binswanger's house which was a new location for season 2, is the Hart House Restaurant near Deer Lake in Burnaby. The restaurant and events venue sits on a three-acre estate, and is designed as a Tudor Revival building. It was used as a location for films occasionally, between 1979 and 1986 but has not been used for this purpose very often in recent years - apart from featuring in Firefly Lane.

PJ Pelican's bistro in Orcas Island which featured in season 2, episode 5, is actually the Eagle Harbour Yacht Club at 5750 Eagle Harbour Rd, West Vancouver. The club is predominantly used to teach sailing, and host local events. 

Internal filming took place at the CBC Studios Vancouver Broadcast Centre at 700 Hamilton Street, downtown Vancouver. With 11,000 sq ft of production ready studio space, the studios feature a staging area, underground soundstages, and provides spaces for film and commercial shoots, recording sessions, and sound scoring. 

Where is Kate's house on Firefly Lane?

Kate's beautiful house on Firefly Lane can be found in West Vancouver’s Horseshoe Bay at 5240 Marine Drive. 

The waterfront property comes with with 1.6 acres of land, and is minutes from downtown Vancouver. Featuring a Tudor style design, the property has its own private sandy beach, a heated pool overlooking the ocean, and a separate beach house. In 2020, the property went on the market for a cool $21.988 million. The property is also available to rent on airbnb, for short breaks.

Kate's house on Firefly Lane

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Where is Tully's apartment in Firefly Lane?

The terrace of Tully's penthouse apartment in Firefly Lane is the top of one of two towers making up The Residences on Georgia complex, in Vancouver.

Flats and offices in the towers are available to buy and rent. The East Tower can be found at 1200 West Georgia, and the West Tower at 1288 West Georgia. The towers were built in 1998 and have 35 floors, and can be found on the edge of the Financial District, the West End, and Coal Harbour. Rent starts at $2,095 for some units, but can be considerably higher depending on size.

Where is Firefly Lane set?

Despite being filmed in Canada, Firefly Lane is set in Snohomish and Seattle, Washington. 

Kate and Tully meet as eighth graders in Snohomish, when Tully moves in across the street from Kate. As adults, the duo live in Seattle, and according to Pioneer Woman, several places mentioned in the books by Kristin Hannah, are real. The author said "Since I went to the University of Washington, I remember a lot of locations used in the book"

She continued "Anyone interested in a Firefly Lane memory lane tour should try: The Last Exit coffee house, Kells pub in Pioneer Square, which is still a great time, Starbucks in the Public Market, a ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge Island, Goldies tavern in the U District, Greek row at the University of Washington (I’m sure you can still find a ton of parties happening there on Saturday nights), and the view of Seattle at night from Rockaway Beach. Sadly, The Last Exit closed in 1999, but you should be able to visit all of the other locations."

Firefly Lane Season 2

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When is Firefly Lane set?

Firefly Lane is set in the 1970s, the 1980s, and the 2000s. Flashbacks portray Kate and Tully between 1974 and 1976. There are some scenes set in the mid 80s where the pair begin work at a news station, with their adult years take place from 2003 to 2005.

Some season 2 scenes depict the pair in the early ’90s, where Tully's career has progressed, but Kate has become a full time mother to Marah. In their present day in the early 2000s, the women are in their mid 40s - a flashback to 1959 reveals that to be the year they were born. The book is based on the author's experience of growing up in the 70s, and she wanted the TV adaptation to reflect that and not be moved into current timeframes. 

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