How many episodes of The House Across the Street are there? Plus when it’s next on

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How many episodes of The House Across the Street are there and when is it next on?
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The House Across the Street had fans glued to their screens with its premiere on Monday night, prompting many to wonder how many episodes of the British crime drama remain and when will the next episode air. 

Starring Harry Potter's Shirley Henderson as isolated single mother Claudia and Line of Duty’s Craig Parkinson as night school teacher George, the Channel 5 series is the latest thrilling addition to 2022's seemingly infinite supply of thrilling content. 

The House Across the Street tells the story of a nurse who's recovering from breast cancer while also struggling to connect with her five-year-old son, Rhys, and their suburban community. She finds purpose in a dark place, however, after a young local girl named Emily Winters disappears from her neighborhood. Before she knows it, she's heading her own investigation where absolutely no one is immune to suspicion for the missing child. 

With so much true-crime content flooding the Internet these days, it's hardly surprising that fans are wondering if The House Across the Street is based on a true story or even a book. Fortunately, the show is entirely fictional with all of the characters being inventions of its talented creator, Giula Sandler. 

How many episodes of The House Across the Street are there? 

In total, four episodes of The House Across the Street have been made, with each one giving viewers 50 minutes of thrilling crime drama. The first episode aired on Channel 5 on Monday, October 17, while the second one will be released on Tuesday, October 18. 

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 When is The House Across the Street next on? 

The next episode of The House Across the Street will air on Tuesday, 18 October at 9pm on Channel 5. The third and fourth episodes will drop respectively next Monday and Tuesday, meaning you won't have to wait too long to find out how the disturbing plotline will unfold. 

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