How many episodes of The Light in the Hall are there and is there a season 2?

January's must-watch series is here.

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Viewers watching the tense Welsh thriller want to know how many episodes of The Light in the Hall there are and whether a season 2 is on the cards.

Murder, grief and a curious individual with a connection to the crime - alongside the return of Happy Valley season 3 - Channel 4's latest drama The Light in the Hall has been billed as this month's top television. Starring BAFTA-winning actress Joanna Scanlan and Game of Thrones' Iwan Rheon, the show was interestingly filmed in both English and Welsh - with the Welsh series debuting first in May of last year. Fast forward to January 2023 and the English version is getting it's network premiere and it's certainly garnering a lot of intrigue and attention - a lot of viewers are curious to know if the show is based on a true story.

Following the broadcast of the first episode, many want to know how many episodes of The Light in the Hall they have to commit to. We've shared details on this and how you can watch the full boxset now - plus what's been said of a season 2. 

How many episodes of The Light in the Hall are there?

New Channel 4 thriller The Light in the Hall is made up of six episodes - each one lasting for approximately 60 minutes each. The series is being broadcast on Channel 4, but is also available on their streaming service All4.

The synopsis for the six-parter reads: "Sharon Roberts (Joanna Scanlan) is still grieving her daughter Ela who disappeared 18 years earlier. Shortly after Ela's disappearance, Joe Thomas (Iwan Rheon), a humble, quite gardener, was arrested and charged with her murder after Ela's DNA was discovered in his caravan."

"Joe confessed to the murder but refused, or could not explain why, or what he did with the body. Now Joe is being considered for parole and if he is released then Sharon's greatest fear may be realized; she will never get Ela's body back and the past will torment her the rest of her life.

"Cat Donato, a journalist (Alexandra Roach) originally from the same town has always been interested in the murder of Ela Roberts. It's a very personal story for Cat, for whom Ela was a part. She has kept an eye on the story and the news that Joe is due for parole and is likely to be released prompted her to offer her editor an in-depth article about the murder."

When is The Light in the Hall next on?

The Light in the Hall is next on screens on Channel 4 at 9pm on Wednesday 11 January. Two episodes will be broadcast each week in January on Wednesdays and Thursdays - with the grand finale taking place on Thursday 19 January.

The first episode premiered on Wednesday 4 January to good reviews - and if you really can't wait to see more, the good news it that the full boxset is now available to watch on All4.

The Light in the Hall originally premiered on Channel 4 Wales late last spring - known as Y Golau - with the first episode dropping on May 14, 2022. Seven months later the show is finally being shared with audiences in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

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Is there a season 2 of The Light in the Hall?

As it currently stands, there's been no official confirmation from Channel 4 on the future of The Light in the Hall and whether there is a season 2. However, no news is good news and maybe the show's rave reviews could sway producers to return for another series.

Lucy Mangan of The Guardian gave The Light in the Hall a 4 star review, noting that "Joanna Scanlan shines in a wintry thriller to curl up with". 

The Telegraph's Arts and Entertainment Editor Anita Singh gave it 3 stars in her review calling it a "solid crime drama soaked in Welsh rain and cliché". She adds: "Joanna Scanlan is impressive as a grieving mother in West Wales, but this crime thriller is watchable rather than riveting."

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As for audience response, so far some have claimed that the first episode is a bit slow-going. However, those who have watched the Welsh drama earlier this year have promised it's worth the watch:

"I saw #TheLightInTheHall (Y Golau) earlier in the year in Welsh with English subtitles on BBC IPlayer and it was a great drama!" wrote one fan on Twitter. "Joanna Scanlon as good as ever and the rest of the cast is amazing too."

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