Is Dynasty cancelled? Plus season 5 ending explained

Will the Carringtons reign supreme for another season?

Elizabeth Gillies as Fallon and Grant Show as Blake Carrington in Dynasty
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Will the glitzy reboot be back for another season? All will be revealed…

The original Dynasty soap brought 80’s glitz, glamour, and handbags at dawn to its dedicated audience of millions. It ran for 9 seasons, and took home a host of awards prior to its final run in 1989. When a reboot of the original series was announced in 2016, Dynasty enthusiasts were excited that the iconic show would be brought to millennial audiences. Season 1 premiered on October 11, 2017, with the season renewals coming in consistently as audiences lapped up the drama. With season 5 just ending its run, fans are keen to know whether they’ll get a season 6 - read on to find out. 

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Is Dynasty Cancelled?

Yes, Dynasty has been cancelled. On May 12, 2022, the CW announced the show would end with season 5, with the final episode airing on September 16.

Sam Jones actor Rafael de la Fuente shared a cast picture to his Instagram page, with some heartfelt words about his Dynasty co-stars. He said “5th and final season of #Dynasty is finally up on #Netflix for the world to binge. We poured our entire lives into this show for five amazing, challenging, hilarious, happy, difficult, wonderful years and your loyalty, love and support has meant everything”.  

He added “It is the end of an era, personally, one that has been incredibly enriching and most unforgettable. I hope you enjoy the camp, the laughs, the glitz and glam, and of course the DRAAAMA dahling. It was so fun to make and we only hope our farewell season fulfills your expectations. Thank you international fans for keeping us going, YOU made this happen. I will always love you, and will always, always, always be eternally grateful”.

Why was Dynasty cancelled?

Although no official reason has been given for the show’s cancellation, it is largely speculated to be due to poor ratings

According to Distractify, Dynasty apparently was profitable for the CW through the network's streaming deal with Netflix. However, that still wasn't enough to save it - Netflix viewership was high, but ratings remained consistently poor when episodes were broadcast live on the CW. 

Cristal Carrington actress Daniella Alonso also said her goodbyes on Instagram, saying “I can’t believe tonight is the final episode of Dynasty! Couldn’t have imagined three years ago what this journey would have turned out to be! But I will forever be grateful for all the memories and friendships I have made along the way. I hope our little show brought people some joy during challenging times”.

Dynasty season 5 ending explained 

The biggest season 5 finale shocker came when Steven returned - but he comes back as Graham. To break that down, Graham kidnaps Adam and dramatically peels his face off to find he’s actually Steven. Adam had stolen his life, but now he’s back and could be reunited with Sammy Jo. The two get back together, and it’s like they’ve never been apart. While the reunions are happening, Steven reunites with Fallon - just in time for her to give birth. Adam is banished, where he goes to live in London to work as a vet.

Dex was previously found to be on the plane that crashed on leaving Blake’s airport. Alexis had joined the search party looking for survivors, along with Blake. Dex is found safe and well, and an emotional Blake finally realises how important his marriage to Cristal is to him, and they attempt to mend their relationship.  

Fallon and Liam’s baby arrives - but obviously not without drama. Surrogate Stacy goes into labour before her induction date, but doesn't make it to the hospital in time because of heavy traffic. The baby is born at the manor, and the new parents announce her name to be Lauren Morell Carrington. 

Not only does she become a mother, but Fallon is caught in a fight to save her business - Fallon Unlimited - from being taken from her as Ellen does her best to have the board remove Fallon from the business. The Carringtons save the day by clubbing together to buy all shares of the company, where it becomes exclusively family-owned. As a tribute, Fallon renames the company Carrington United.

Florence offers Amanda her dream job in London, which would mean leaving girlfriend Kirby behind. She takes the job, planning on a long-distance relationship with her love. Kirby makes plans to visit Amanda in London, although this is all that’s revealed about the status of their relationship.

Elizabeth Gillies, Grant Show, Nathalie Kelley in Dynasty

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Where can I see season 5 of Dynasty? 

Dynasty season 5 was released on Netflix on September 24, 2022. Every episode from all 5 seasons is available to watch through the streamer. 

To watch Netflix, a subscription is required. There are 3 Netflix packages available for those wanting to subscribe. The cheapest package costs £6.99 per month, and this basic starting price includes unlimited access to the Netflix catalogue. With this, subscribers can only stream from one device at a time. 

At £10.99 per month, the standard package also includes the entire Netflix catalogue. However, simultaneous streaming from 2 devices is allowed. This package also has shows in HD, and allows downloads to mobile devices. The final premium package costs £15.99 per month, and features bonuses including allowing streaming across 4 devices, and contains most of the catalogue in Ultra HD. 

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