Joss Stone gives birth to second child and confirms his very unusual name

Singer Joss Stone has given birth to a baby boy as she reveals her unusual baby name choice.

Joss Stone
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Joss Stone has given birth (opens in new tab) to her second child with her boyfriend Cody DaLuz and the newborn baby has the most unusual name.

The singer-songwriter welcomed her son on Tuesday, October 18, following a 30-hour labour as she announced the baby's arrival during a video to fans recorded at her Nashville home, Tennessee.

Joss, 35, who fell pregnant after suffering a miscarriage (opens in new tab), shared her rainbow baby (opens in new tab) joy with her fans. She captioned the video, “He’s finally here. Just wanted to say hi with our newest addition to the family Shackleton Stoker Daluz. Born at 7:54 am on the 18th of October. What a joy to have him safe and sound in our arms. Thanks for hanging with us through the journey. Xoxox @daluzer @vumcbirth.”

In the video you can see the family of four, including the first glimpse of her newborn baby.

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Joss reveals she decided to have a natural birth but had to have a change of plan and ended up with a c-section (opens in new tab).

"He was 9lbs and 2 ounces - slightly a bit bigger than what the doctors had [predicted]...we went in, had labour for 30 hours, that's a long time...."

Joss went on to reveal that the lengthy labour was because her "uterus had split" - which can happen to around 1% of women who give birth. Her baby was expecting to weigh 7.5-8lbs, so at 9.2lbs the baby was bigger than they planned for.

She went on to praise the "amazing doctors" at the hospital for saving her life.

Boyfriend Cody reveals the scary thought he had at the time that he was going to be a single dad, left to raise the children alone.

"Thank God to them that they brought them back to me, everyone came back. Everyone's happy and healthy and I'm super grateful."

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In the adorable video, daughter Violet (opens in new tab) is starting to talk, while both friends and fans have sent their congratulations.

One commented, "Oh, how wonderful! And they are both utterly adorable!"

Another put, "OmGGGGGGGG gorgeousnesssss!!! A million congratulations!!"

And a third added, "Congratulations .. You spirit is amazing Joss , You happy energy and positive heart really shine though! We need more people like you in the world ! Enjoy your family moments …"

And some fans are wondering  how she picked the unusual moniker.

"Congrats. Where did the name Shackleton come from ? , it’s cool x"

And Joss has revealed the meaning behind the unusual baby name (opens in new tab).

She wrote, "It is the sir name of the British Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton (opens in new tab). He was a Nobel and brave man who saved all his men. Worth a google to read his story. We call our little guy shack for short. So glad you like it xxxx" 

Another fan replied, "Love this! A great figure in history. Congratulations 😍"