Katarina Johnson-Thompson boyfriend: Who is Andrew Pozzi and are they still together?

Everything you need to know about Katarina Johnson-Thompson's boyfriend

Katarina Johnson-Thompson posing on the red carpet with her boyfriend Andrew Pozzi
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Katarina Johnson-Thompson is the British heptathlete competing in The Commonwealth Games 2022. But did you know she also has an athlete boyfriend?

The Commonwealth Games started on 28 July 2022 and is being hosted in Birmingham, the biggest sporting event held in the UK since the 2012 Olympics. The games last for 11 days, finishing on Monday 8 August. You can watch Katarina compete in the Commonwealth Games on BBC One, BBC Two and BBC Three, as well as additional coverage on the red button and up to 11 live streams on the BBC Sport website and BBC iPlayer. If you're looking for even more coverage on the daily Commonwealth Games schedule, the BBC Sport website and app features live text, video clips, reports, analysis and results, while every night on BBC One there is a highlights show, called Tonight at the Games.

Katarina, who is affectionately known as KJT, also competed in the 2018 Commonwealth Games, winning gold in the pentathlon. But aside from her professional life, many want to know about her life off the track - such as who is her boyfriend and how long have they been together? We share everything you need to know.

Who is Andrew Pozzi?

Katarina Johnson-Thompson's boyfriend Andrew Pozzi is a 30-year-old British hurdling athlete from Stratford-upon-Avon. He began running with Stratford Athletics Club as a child and ran 13.29sec in the hurdles as a youngster at Bauhaus Junior Gala in Manheim, Germany, the fastest time ever run by a British junior.

Andrew made his senior breakthrough at the 2012 World Indoor Championships in Istanbul, where he finished fourth at the age of 19.

He later won the British Universities [BUCS] Championships at the London Olympic stadium, where he achieved the Olympics "A" qualifying standard and berth at the home Games. But unfortunately, he suffered a hamstring injury and had to withdraw during his first heat.

In 2018, Pozzi beat US athlete Jarret Eaton to win the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham over the shorter 60m hurdles event, with a time of 7.46sec.

Andrew sadly missed out on a medal in the Tokyo 2020 olympics after finishing seventh in the final.

Like Katarina, he is also competing in the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Are Andrew Pozzi and Katarina Johnson-Thompson still dating?

Yes, Andrew and Katarina Johnson-Thompson are very much still together. The couple have been together since 2018 and recently celebrated Andrew's 30th birthday together. Posting a picture of them together, Katarina wrote: "Happy birthday to my one."

The couple currently live apart, with Katarina splitting her time between France and Liverpool and Andrew residing in Italy. However, they spent lockdown in Katarina's Liverpool home with their two dogs.

Opening up about their long distance relationship back in 2019, Katarina said: "Whenever you live away and you have family, friends, loved ones, or relationships in other countries, it requires a better level of organisation.

“One of the benefits of what we do is that we end up attending a lot of the same competitions and are in the same place for several days."

Katarina Johnson-Thompson and Nick Bright split:

Before getting together with Andrew Pozzi, Katarina was in a relationship with Radio 1Xtra DJ Nick Bright. But before she moved to France, they parted ways.

Speaking about the split, Nick opened up about how difficult it was dealing with heartbreak in the public eye. He said: "When I split up with my girlfriend, I didn’t want to tell anyone, not even my parents. I wanted to keep it to myself for so long.

“The hard thing was, at work where I do the radio show, a lot of people had met her - she’d been in sitting in when I was on air. Everyone knew who she was, and was asking ‘How’s Kat?’ For ages, I was like, ‘Yeah, she’s alright,’ not telling anyone.”

He added: “For me, I’ve never been in the public eye enough for anyone to care about that. That was really hard for me to deal with. I didn’t want this to be in the paper."

Does Katarina Johnson-Thompson have kids?

No, Katarina does not have any children. And she has previously confessed that she's not keen to have them, either. “I don’t think I’ll ever want to start a family – I’ll just end up getting more dogs,” she said.

KJT regularly helps kids get into sports through the kids athletic programme, Funetics. She's said of her experience with children: "It’s the best thing we can do for kids – teach them right movement for sport. For sure funetics is great and teaching kids how to do the right movements at the right age. It’s great to get the kids involved."

Katarina has been open about her own childhood, admitting she 'broke her mum's heart' when she ditched ballet for athletics at the age of nine.

She said: "If you saw pictures of me as a kid you’d laugh because I was always in football kit. But my mum [Tracey] was a showgirl. She travelled all around the world, as a dancer, and that’s how she met my dad – in the Bahamas. 

"When I was little, literally in nappies, she had me going to dance class. It was only when I was nine that I said ‘I don’t really enjoy this.' Mum was upset and even my dance teacher was crying. She wanted me to have private lessons and go to the Royal Ballet the following year."

Eventually, Katarina began athletics instead. She explained: "My mum said, ‘OK, you can stop but you have to have a hobby.’ I played a lot of football and I was a goalkeeper but I didn’t really like playing in goal. Thankfully I found athletics. My mum didn’t like it at first but the funny thing is that, now, she’s the biggest athletics fan out there. She’s a real expert and she’s got all the heptathlon books."

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