Kesha shares near-death experience after freezing her eggs admitting 'it was horrifying' - as fertility expert unpicks the risks and truths of egg freezing

The singer took steps to take her 'reproductive health into her own hands'

Kesha freezing her eggs
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Kesha has shared her near-death experience after freezing her eggs admitting 'it was horrifying'.

Love Island's Amy Hart previously opened up on her egg freezing and now Kesha shared her health scare after suffering an egg freezing complication due to being diagnosed with Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID).

The American music star, 36, believes her weakened immune system caused by the autoimmune disorder put her body at higher risk of infections and could have contributed to her experiencing an adverse reaction to freezing her eggs.

Speaking about her ordeal, she told, "I almost died in January." she explained how she froze her eggs and weeks after performed at a gig in the Bahamas but at the end of the night she became too weak to walk.

After being admitted to hospital doctors told her she had developed an uncommon, yet serious complication from the fertility procedure - partly attributed to her weakened immune system. She was transferred to Miami hospital and spent nine days there.

"I finally feel recovered, but it took a couple months. It was horrifying."

Kesha freezing her eggs

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It's understood that Kesha made the decision to freeze her eggs because her album was coming out and wanted more time to think about whether she wants to have a child without feeling rushed or distracted.

And she's kept her turmoil quiet for fear of being judged.

Kesha explained, "I just was taking my reproductive health into my own hands. And I stand by everyone doing that and [honouring] your body."

And while the American singer's taken the brave decision to speak out about her experience, she explained why she initially kept things private. "Everyone probably has some semblance of feeling like you share what you’re going through, and, at the same time, it’s almost inviting people to have an opinion about it. I don’t have that perfectly mapped out."

Fertility expert Kayleigh Hartigan split layout with egg storage for IVF

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Fertility expert Kayleigh Hartigan, CEO of Fertility Mapper, has since spoken out about the risks and truths behind egg freezing and why its vital women have the right information before choosing a clinic.

She explained, "Egg freezing is very much on the rise, but this is still a small percentage of the clinic activity relative to other services such as IVF, meaning many clinics have little to no experience of egg freezing procedures or thawing frozen eggs.

"Experience is important as egg freezing can have serious complications such as ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

"Eggs are extremely difficult to handle opposed to embryos as they are single cell so having a clinic with and experienced lab is vital.

Kayleigh warned, "Many people are not aware of how important it is to choose the
right clinic. The current portrayal of egg freezing is not well-informed, it is crucial that women are aware this is a medical procedure and not one to be taken lightly."

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