Mrs. Hinch reveals McDonald's Happy Meal hack for reducing kids' mess and parents are stunned

Mrs. Hinch confessed she'd only just discovered the helpful trick for serving McDonald's Happy Meals after years of being oblivious

Mrs. Hinch reveals mess-proof McDonald's Happy Meal hack
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Mrs. Hinch has shared her discovery of the correct way to serve McDonald’s Happy Meals, revealing that the hack has ‘changed her life forever’. 

Sophie Hinchcliffe, who is best known online by the abbreviation of her last name, has been doling out household advice ever since rising to social media popularity in 2018. Many of Mrs. Hinch’s cleaning tips have even gone viral, as increasing numbers of people across the UK and beyond looking to her expertise in light of the cost of living crisis. 

But despite being a well of domestic knowledge, the English guru doesn't pretend to have the answers to everything. 

Mrs. Hinch took to Instagram on Tuesday to reveal she had ‘no idea’ that McDonald's Happy Meals are designed to open into a cardboard tray, confessing that she is so ‘embarrassed’ to have not known about the helpful hack. 

“WHHHAATTT!” she captioned her video. “Please tell me I’m not alone here? Did anyone else not know this?" 

In the hilarious clip, the 32-year-old peels a strip off the base of the McDonald's Happy Meal box that allows the cardboard container to unfold into a square tray. , After removing the meal's complimentary toy, she neatly deposits the kids' fries and hamburger onto the makeshift plate. 

“What have I been doing all my life, I have no idea,” she says in the voiceover. “But I can promise you now, this has changed my life, forever. All the best.” 

Mrs. Hinch went on to joke, “Why am I always late to the party?” before adding that the video had not been sponsored by the US fast food giant. 

The mother-of-two's followers were quick to share their reaction to the hack, with many admitting they’d also never heard of it. 

I also DID NOT KNOW THIS!!” British Youtuber Zoe Sugg wrote, prompting Mrs. Hinch to reply, “ZOE 😂 where have we been? Xxx I’m so pleased I’m not alone I felt so embarrassed 😂.” 

Meanwhile, Mario McKnight of Cleaning with Mario wrote, "Mind has blown with this!!" before joking, "Wtf! I live under a rock or else I'm just old!!" 

Mrs. Hinch was relieved to hear others were in the same boat as her, later adding, "Omggg yaaaay I’m not alone 😂😂😂 why haven’t I done this before now," to the comment section below. 

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