‘It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to her’ Why things are finally looking up for pregnant Sheridan Smith

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After years of failed romances, plus the death of her dad Colin in 2016, it looks like Sheridan Smith could finally be getting her happy ever after.

Sheridan Smith, 38, met fiancé Jamie Horn, 28, on Tinder last year and recently surprised fans by announcing the exciting news that they’re expecting a baby.

While the couple may be overjoyed to be starting a much-wanted family, the first few months of Sheridan’s pregnancy were far from easy – she confessed to fans that she was suffering from extreme morning sickness.

But just as the Cilla star looks to settle down, could her emotions threaten the happiness she’s worked so hard for?

Baby on board

In October, Sheridan made the shock announcement she had a ‘baby on board’ during a performance on a cruise ship – and it seems no one’s more surprised by the news than the actress herself.

"Sheridan is still in disbelief she’s going to be a mum," a source tells our sister publication Woman’s Own.

"She has been searching for unconditional love all her life – her baby will bring her that.’ They added, ‘It’s the best thing that could ever have happened to her."

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However, it wasn’t long ago that Sheridan had her doubts over motherhood. "Could I cope? My mum says I could,’ Sheridan previously admitted. ‘She watched me with my dad in the last days and told me if I could be that caring I’d be a perfect mother.

"But I don’t know. I just know I’m not perfect."

Friends of the star insist it won’t be long until she’s had a change of heart. Our insider adds, "Those closest to Sheridan are hoping the baby signals a new start for her and turns her into the mother – and person – she’s always wanted to be."

Tears and tantrums

Her pregnancy journey hasn’t been plain sailing, though. During the cruise ship show in which she shared the news, Sheridan said, "I’ve got buckets in each wing and trainers so I can run. I’m very out of breath. I’ve got all these new symptoms"

Our source says, "Like any pregnant lady, hormones are everywhere for Sheridan. Her friends are delighted for her to be so happy, yet understandably concerned, given her previous struggles, which she’s been so open about."

In one interview, following the death of her father, the star admitted, "I totally had a breakdown because I was spiralling out of control and making mistakes doing things I regret because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

"I kind of lost it a bit after my dad died, but I’ve come out the other side now – I just had a massive meltdown."

However, only last year, during a string of one-woman gigs, it was reported that her shows were chaotic, leaving fans concerned she was going off the rails again. But with a baby on the way, Sheridan will undoubtedly be focusing on the future. As well as going teetotal months before her pregnancy announcement, the actress knows it won’t be long until her morning sickness is a distant memory, too. Our insider adds, "Sheridan can’t wait to be a bit further along – where, she’s told, she’ll start to feel more calm and settled."

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Adapting to change

And as well as getting better mentally, in September, Sheridan, who was starring in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the time, celebrated a physical triumph, too – losing 2st. Posting a photo on Instagram she wrote, ‘I’m not one for weight loss regimes, as I think everyone should be comfortable in their own skin, but comparing today’s pic to day 1 of rehearsals on @josephmusical, l have lost 2st!’

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However, her baby weight isn’t something she’ll be in a rush to boast about. "Like most newly pregnant mums, Sheridan is finding her changing body an experience," our source adds. "In some ways, she is completely out of her comfort zone. She feels in the back seat as her body is taking over."

The thought of starting a family without her father, Colin, around is something Sheridan is struggling with, too. "She’s heartbroken that her dad isn’t alive to meet his grandchild," our insider says.

Her man by her side

While she understandably misses her dad, Sheridan couldn’t be more supported by Jamie, who she’s known for 20 months. Their whirlwind romance seems to have worked wonders. Our source says, "Jamie’s doing an amazing job. His calm, controlled manner is keeping her grounded – there’s no denying [that] he’s her rock."

We couldn’t be happier for you, Sheridan!

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