Kate Middleton shows caring side with unlikely chat outside train toilet

Kate Middleton initiated unlikely chat outside train toilet.

Kate Middleton shows caring side
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Kate Middleton has shown her caring side during an unlikely chat outside a train toilet. 

Kate Middleton showed her sense of duty when she sparked a conversation with a boy who looked 'lost' as he waited outside a toilet on a train carriage. 

The Duchess of Cambridge has been attending the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham this week but instead of travelling with her husband Prince William and Princess Charlotte, Kate caught the train up to Birmingham solo.

During the journey, Kate, who was in first class, struck up a conversation with a boy who was stood outside the toilet as it appears she thought he was lost.

Times columnist, Matthew Syed, explained the unlikely encounter in his column, 

"As I am doing my thing, I hear him talking to a woman in the vestibule. 'Are you here alone?' she asks. 'No, my dad is in there' – he says, pointing to the lavatory."

Matthew went on to say that he heard the pair laughing together and that they were having a "whale of a time" but as he went to leave the cubicle, he went to thank the woman before realising it was the Duchess of Cambridge.

But his son Ted, was oblivious to who he had been talking to - the wife of one of the future King's of England when it comes to the royal line of succession.

Matthew continued, "'Did you realise who that was, son?' I ask him. 'No idea but she was really nice,' he responds."

Matthew went on to praise the Duchess for showing her caring side, he concluded, "The Duchess had no idea she was chatting to the son of a journalist so I take this to reflect her character and sense of duty. The monarchy is in consummate hands."

And fans have praised the Duchess's actions.

One fan tweeted, "This is a really lovely, really revealing, anecdote about The Duchess of Cambridge by Matthew Syed of The Times. Lucky Ted!"

Another fan wrote, "People always having a lovely experience with The Duchess of Cambridge. They are able to see that she’s genuine and has a sense of duty to the Monarchy."

And a third added, "That would be me tho blurting out “Kate?”

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