Kate Middleton’s subtle ‘romantic gesture’ that she uses to show ‘ownership’ of Prince William

A body language expert gives a ‘peek into the private nature’ of Kate and William’s romance

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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A body language expert has highlighted one of Kate Middleton’s ‘romantic gestures’ that she uses to show ‘ownership’ of Prince William when in public.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have given royal fans no shortage of heartwarming moments since their marriage in 2011. From their appearance at a charity polo match that showed the 'mischievous side' of their relationship, to their sweet 'public display of affection’ during their Birmingham visit, the couple's joint engagements always result in some sort of gushing comments over their sweet behaviour. 

And it's always been this way according to one body language expert who has highlighted one of Kate's 'romantic rituals' that she relies on to show 'ownership' of and 'support' towards her husband Prince William. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton

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Body language expert Judi James told The Express, "William and Kate have been keeping royal fans, and each other, supplied with a stream of romantic gestures, tie-signs and touch rituals since they first married but their technique seems to be driven by inclusion.

“We can see they are a romantic and in-love couple but they never allow their body language rituals together to exclude the viewer.

“Subtlety is vital for their public role and as royals they provide signals that they are a strong couple - which is important after the dysfunctional relationship dramas of the previous generation of royals - but that they maintain an even, steady emotional trend rather than a soap opera of passionate highs and lows.

“A signature and romantic touch ritual for the couple is this trait of Kate placing one hand on William’s thigh, which she will do even at more formal events.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton

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Mentioning Kate and William's 2016 trip to Canada and specifically their attendance at the Official Welcome Ceremony for the Royal Tour, Judi James said of Kate's hand placement, "It’s a gesture of ownership and support but as a romantic gesture it suggests Kate is determined to step slightly outside normal royal protocol to create an intimate tie-sign with her husband.

“This gesture looks non-negotiable for Kate and William’s reaction is always quietly profound. Here his response smile is bashful and he plays with his tie, a peacocking response to show his pride and ego have just been boosted.”

The gesture is one that Kate repeats time and time again, including at a 2022 NBA basketball game that the couple attended while in America, and the 'romantic ritual' is one that we, and many other royal fans, will never tire of noticing - how sweet!

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