King Charles set to ‘bring his family back together again’ with this bombshell gesture

Prince Harry could still hold an important role within the Royal Family

King Charle
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A royal expert believes that King Charles III could ‘bring his family back together again’ with a simple gesture that will allow Prince Harry to retain an important role within The Firm. 

Prince Harry may have stepped down as a senior royal three years ago now and he has barely stepped foot in the UK since, with both his visits for the King's Coronation and his recent trip for the WellChild Awards being short but sweet, but did you know he still has an incredibly important role within The Firm?

Like only seven other royals in the royal line of succession, Harry is a Counsellor of State. This title means he holds the responsibility of filling in for the King in his royal duties if he is unable to do so, for example due to illness or absence.

It's this job role that some experts are now using to cling onto some sort of hope that the Royal Family may reconcile their differences and end their ongoing feud. According to one expert, the position means that the King, should he chose to act, may mean 'he could bring the family back together again' with ease. 

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Speaking to Daily Express US, PR expert Jerome Cleary, who works for the firm PublicityandMarketing, revealed, "Now that the dust has settled with the drama of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, the King realises he could bring the family back together again."

Cleary then shared what he, as a PR expert, would do in the King's situation. "I do believe the King should allow Harry a place to live in Britain and keep him as Counsellor of State," he shared. 

Last year it was reported that Harry's position as Counsellor of State was in jeopardy but no announcements about The Firm's decision have yet been released. For Cleary, no matter what the worries fuelling the decision to take the title are, removing Prince Harry as a Counsellor would not be an ideal PR move for the Royal Family.

The main reason for this is, as he would still have an important role as Counsellor, Harry could be given a home in England so he could properly carry out the jobs associated with his role.

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Cleary said, "I think the reaction from the royal fans if the King would deny Harry a residence in the UK would be a mixed bag. Half the fans would believe that the King is within reason to deny Harry and the other half would be heartbroken that the King could bring the family back together again with this decision."

He also added that removing Harry could be seen as the King 'shunning' his son in a move that would be 'breaking a part of the family.'

Backing up the claims, a royal source told The Sunday Times, "The King can see that to remove Harry as a Counsellor of State would be seen as an act of antagonism and he does not want to do that.

"If, as a consequence of that, somewhere on the royal estate needs to be earmarked as a pied-à-terre for his son, that seems a reasonable thing to do."

Unfortunately, and somewhat vaguely, Buckingham Palace told the outlet, "These claims are not true," but did not 'elaborate further,' the publication reports.

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