King Charles III’s coronation date sparks mixed reaction from fans for this reason

King Charles III's coronation date falls on Archie's birthday and fans have mixed reactions...

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King Charles III's coronation date (opens in new tab) falls on Archie's birthday and its sparked a mixed reaction from royal fans.

King Charles III's coronation (opens in new tab) is to be held on Saturday 6th May - the same day as Archie's birthday (opens in new tab), Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

The historic event is set to break tradition as it will be the first time a coronation has taken place on a Saturday since Edward VII in 1902.

King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort will be crowned in the ceremony held at Westminster Abbey during a a similar but simpler process and it will mark a symbolic celebration of his new reign since his mother the late Queen Elizabeth II died (opens in new tab).

But the date, which was originally rumoured to take place in June, has sparked a mixed reaction from royal fans - with some suggesting that Prince Harry and Meghan might have to pick between attending the coronation or celebrating their son Archie (opens in new tab)'s 4th birthday.

One fan put, "Charles III is gonna lose if H&M have to pick between Archie’s birthday and his coronation."

Another fan wrote, "I am totally flabbergasted that your grandpa does not acknowledge that his grandsons birthday is on the same day you are now scheduling your is so wild....but anyway......we will celebrate King Archie's birthday."

A third fan warned, "If anyone thinks having the Coronation on Archie’s birthday will stop them from attending, think again."

But another fan pointed out, "People debating whether Charles III coronation date of May 6 was chosen bc it's his grandson Archie's birthday or bc it's the date his great-grandpa George V became king. Don't forget May 6 is also the day his great, great-grandpa Edward VII died. Maybe it's just a random Mayday."

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It's not yet known whether there will be an extra bank holiday added or moved to the coronation weekend as the traditional May day bank holiday is already scheduled for May 1st.

Buckingham Palace revealed, "The Coronation will reflect the monarch’s role today and look towards the future, while being rooted in longstanding traditions and pageantry."

Coronations have taken place at Westminster Abbey for more than 900 years and it's understood that the Archbishop of Canterbury will preside over the anointing, blessing and consecration of King Charles.

The Queen's coronation (opens in new tab) took almost three hours but it is thought that King Charles III's coronation will be shorter, diverse and with a smaller number of guests.