Meghan Markle reveals endearing nickname for Prince Harry as he gatecrashes her podcast

Meghan Markle reveals the moniker she has for husband Prince Harry on her debut Archetypes podcast episode.

Meghan Markle nickname for Prince Harry
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Meghan Markle has an adorable nickname for husband Prince Harry and she reveals it as he gatecrashes her new Archetype podcast.

Meghan Markle has revealed the adorable nickname she uses for Prince Harry as he gatecrashes her podcast recording with pal Serena Williams.

The Duchess of Sussex released her debut podcast episode on Spotify's Archetypes podcast (opens in new tab) and kicked off the series with a personal conversation about ambition with the tennis champ. 

But before their hour-long chat got underway, Prince Harry popped in to see Serena, who is mum to daughter Alexia (opens in new tab), aged four. 

Meghan can be heard saying "Hi!....You wanna come say hi? Look who just popped in." Meghan and Serena then both greet Prince Harry in faux British accents, causing them to laugh.

Prince Harry compliments Serena, telling her, "I like what you've done with your hair! That's a great vibe."

To which she replies, "Thank you. Good to see you too, as always. I miss you guys!"

Prince Harry then responds to say, "Well, come and see us!" and before leaving them to it, he tells them, "Have fun!"

"Thanks, my love," Meghan says, revealing her sweet nickname for her husband.

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Other royals also have nicknames for family members - Kate Middleton revealed her childhood nickname (opens in new tab) and Prince George and Charlotte have an adorable nickname for their brother Prince Louis (opens in new tab).

Meghan isn't the only person Serena is working with, Prince Harry is set to team up with Serena Williams for a new project (opens in new tab) so the pair are likely to see even more of each other in future.

And fans have praised how authentic Meghan and Serena have come across in their chat.

One fan wrote, "Oh my I love❤️ this was so on point! Thank you for sharing with us and also thank you for being so open Authentic with us on the podcast."

Another fan put, "I am pleased with how well this was executed. From beginning to end, I enjoyed it. It was an enlightening and very touching conversation with Duchess Meghan and Serena William. This reminds me of a brunch conversation between two girlfriends about life, friendship, and motherhood." 

And a third fan added, "Yall have the sweetest friendship🥰 It was so nice hearing you on the podcast today."