Prince George’s response to his upcoming exams proves he’s just like any other ten-year-old

We understand his worries completely

Prince George
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Speaking about how Prince George feels about his upcoming school exams, Kate Middleton has revealed that he's just like any other ten-year-old struggling through the hectic time in education. 

  • Like many other 10-year-olds revising for their upcoming school exams, Prince George feels like he's 'getting tested all the time' and is stressed about preparing for the hectic period of examination, Kate Middleton has revealed. 
  • Speaking at a recent royal engagement, the mum-of-three sympathised with A-level students and drew on her sons experience to relate to the children. 
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Unfortunately for Prince George, sitting second in the royal line of succession and being set to receive some pretty presitgous titles when his dad becomes King, doesn't mean he's exempt from the same trials and tribulations faced by all school children - exams. 

He may only be 10-years-old, but the coming months will see the royal youngster sit a series of exams that will have a huge standing on his future. The young Prince is set to sit his Independent Schools Examination Board Pre-Test ahead of entering Year 7. This test is an assessment of a pupil's academic and has to be taken ahead of the Common Entrance exam George is expected to take so he can attend Eton College, the prestigious boarding school that both his father Prince William and uncle Prince Harry attended.

According to Historian, writer and broadcaster, Tessa Dunlop who spoke with OK! Magazine, George's Lambrook school is the perfect place to prepare him for the examinations. She revealed, "Schools such as Lambrook, are hothouses, they're feeder schools for the big public schools (a type of fee-charging private school), the biggest of the lot being Eton which we already know George has looked around.

"The grading or the testing is very competitive to get into Eton, it's one of the most sort after schools in the world, and it begins two years early, it's like a sub-selection process. It's also quite difficult if you weren't royal, it's very competitive, but I'm sure George will get in."

Prince George

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She added, "I expect George is quite a bright young fella, but he'll be being assessed and he'll sit exams.

"George won't need private tuition because that will be part of the package that they've paid for within Lambrook, within the private preparatory school. But he'll be given all the help he needs and if a parent doesn't feel their child is getting enough, they'll demand the school provides them more."

But while the expert is confident, George seems to still be worried about the upcoming examinations. During a visit to a school in Cardiff, Wales, The Sun reports that Kate said to a group of students, "George is just at the beginning of being tested. He says, 'Mummy, I keep getting tested all the time.' But when it gets to A-levels, you feel like you're on it."

She added, "I've been helping George prepare for his exams coming up, so I know how hard maths can be," reports The Mirror.

To help her son through this tough academic testing, Kate Middleton will skip this year's Earthshot Prize Awards in Singapore so she can stay at home and help him prepare. This is a massive deviation from the usual royal protocol that would normally see a governess or nanny work with George on his work. 

Instead, Kate has taken on the duty and it's all thanks to her non-aristocratic upbringing. Following Kate's revelation at the Cardiff school a source told People Magazine, "Coming from a different background, she [Kate] appreciates the importance of having family time. She wasn't brought up in that aristocratic setting where you see the children for a short time each day."

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Doing well in the exams is imperative for George if he wants to follow in his dad's footsteps and get accepted to Eton, so the pressure is heavy on his shoulders. The school is the perfect place for the young royal as not only can he learn and socialise, but also feel safe thanks to the high level of security. 

On an episode of A Right Royal Podcast, Good Schools Guide's Melanie Sanderson shared, "Eton has a proven track record on security. They can handle royals. The family understands the school, which is really important for any family to really know what you're getting into." 

While George is still only 10, he will already have decided what the next stage of his schooling will look like. Eton is for boys ages 13 through 18 but to register for the year 2026, which is when George will hopefully join the school, he would have had to register by June 2023. That means, if he has registered already, he will still need to pass his exams to confirm his place. 

The schooling is perhaps even more important for George than for previous royals as it is largely expected that George will have his own career in a chosen field before becoming monarch. 

The royal insider told The Mail on Sunday, "In theory, there is nothing to stop George from pursuing a career as an astronaut, for example, if that's what he wants, and then becoming King later. The rules are different now, he wouldn't necessarily have to follow the old formula of going into the military and then royal life."

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