Prince Harry uses ‘humour and kindness’ to interact with children just like his mother Princess Diana

"He looks so at ease chatting playfully like the experienced dad that he is”

Princess Diana and Prince Harry
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A body language expert has highlighted the way Prince Harry uses ‘humour and kindness’ when meeting with children and noted how his approach mirrors that of his mother Princess Diana.

The Invictus Games have been a triumph not only for the contestants who took part and won, but also for Prince Harry who has proved to the world how strong he remains outside of the Royal Family. 

From the moment he touched down in Germany for the events, when he dropped his 'Prince' title in an 'adorable' greeting with young fans, and during his opening speech which showed he's grown into a ‘very different’ man, to his body language throughout The Games that has left many believing he's ‘reconnected with himself’ and ‘has a sense of peace’ since moving his family to the US, Harry has consistently shown himself to be making a positive impact despite the 'the pressure and scrutiny he faces,’ something experts believe would make his mother, the late Princess Diana, very proud.

Now, one body language expert has highlighted the sweet way Harry interacted with a child during The Games, sharing their belief that his approach to the interaction mirrored his mother's 'signals of sympathy and affection.'

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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During a match at The Games, The Mirror reports that Harry was sitting courtside when a young fan approached him for a chat. Speaking about the following interaction, body language expert Judi James told publication, “This is such a sweet moment as we can see Harry’s face light up as the small child is brought over to chat, holding [their] cap over [their] face in a gesture of shyness. 

“Harry is clearly so much in his element here. His body language state changes in an instant and he looks so at ease chatting playfully like the experienced dad that he is.

“It’s in glimpses like this that we can see the DNA he inherited from his mother, Diana. That very easygoing and natural, empathetic way of dealing with people, especially small children. Where Diana used signals of sympathy and affection, Harry bonds via signals of humour and kindness, but they share the instant reaction of bending fully to give small children their undivided attention.”

Princess Diana

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This is not the first time Harry has been compared to his mother in terms of their approach to interacting with others and revealing their emotions through body language. 

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Bingo, body language expert Darren Stanton analysed Harry's body language throughout his five-part Netflix series Heart Of Invictus and noted the similar way he and his mother wore their hearts on their sleeves. 

He said, "When he was speaking about his family… he went into a totally different state of mind and you could see the passion in his eyes. Being a family man is clearly one of the most important things to him. He is selfless and truly cares about other people. Harry has got a lot of the same character traits as Princess Diana. He wants to do well and help people.”

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