Princess Diana would be ‘proud’ of son Prince Harry as he continues to make ‘a positive impact despite the pressure and scrutiny he faces’

Prince Harry is continuing his late mother's charitable legacy

Princess Diana and Prince Harry
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A senior therapist and relationship expert has revealed how Princess Diana would be 'proud' of her son Prince Harry for embodying her 'compassion and commitment to humanitarian causes' through the charity work he does.

Prince Harry has been in the spotlight more so than ever over the previous week as he spends time in Germany for the sixth annual Invictus Games event. Many experts have pointed out how he seems like a ‘very different’ man and has ditched family ‘references’, while others are still gushing over his 'adorable' greeting with young fans.

As royal fans soak up the Harry content we're getting out of Germany and feel pride in their hearts for his achievements, one expert has shared their belief that his mother, the late Princess Diana who passed away in 1997, would also be 'proud' of the way he has continued on 'her charitable legacy.'

Sally Baker, a senior therapist and relationship expert from Working On The Body, believes that the late Princess would be in awe of her son's 'meaningful accomplishments' and would be all the more 'proud' as he fought for them 'despite the pressure and scrutiny he faces.'

She told The Mirror US, "Princess Diana's compassion and commitment to humanitarian causes would have made her proud of her son, Prince Harry, for continuing her charitable legacy through the Invictus Games. The Games embody the principles of compassion, understanding, and inclusion that were dear to Diana.

Diana, Princess Of Wales, With Children Injured By Mines At Neves Bendinha Orthopaedic Workshop In Luanda, Angola

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"She would have been proud of Harry's meaningful accomplishments and his ability to make a positive impact despite the pressure and scrutiny he faces, just like she did."

Prince Harry founded The Invictus Games almost a decade ago, with the aim of celebrating and fundraising for wounded, injured, and sick servicemen and women who are either still serving or are veterans.

The first games in 2014, saw 300 competitors from 13 countries participate in the games. In 2023, there are 21 nations taking part, with around 500 competitors showing off their skills through the variety of games.

This past week has seen Harry and Meghan attend many of the Games' events, with the couple showing off the strength of their relationship with one another while also revealing subtle insight into their 'nervousness' for the games to go well, a body language expert has claimed.

Speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, body language expert Inbaal Honigman revealed, “Meghan's speech at the Invictus Games shows us that she really wants to do a good job, and feels proud of her husband for his incredible achievement with founding the Games.

Prince Harry

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“As she walks onto the stage, the former TV star keeps looking back, as if she's checking in with Harry to ensure that she's standing on the right spot, that he's happy with everything she's doing.

“Meghan maintains eye contact with her husband as much as she can, and briefly even reaches to hold his arm – this tells us that she needs none of the limelight, she's only arrived to lend her support to the Games and to honour the athletes."

But while they may be used to making speeches in front of large crowds, there were still some nerves between the couple, which Inbaal believes proves how important The Invictus Games are to them. 

She added, "Her movements during the speech are a little clipped, hurried, so she might be nervous. When Prince Harry speaks, his wife appears to be picking at her fingers absent-mindedly, so she is still anxious to do well.

“What we see here is a spouse who came to show her support – she's proud of her man and wants him to know it. Her focus is on empowering him and supporting him. Prince Harry is the real star to his wife."

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