Prince William had ‘no idea’ how ‘tough’ parenting would be before Prince George’s birth - but he quickly discovered a unique trick to settle his newborn

The Prince of Wales used a 'bizarre tactic' to calm the young Prince George

Prince William and Prince George
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According to a royal source, before the birth of his first child, Prince William had ‘no idea’ how ‘tough’ parenting would be but he quickly discovered a 'bizarre tactic' that settled his newborn down on those long nights filled with crying. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton's relaxed and informal parenting style is one of the things royal fans love most about them. From their approach giving Prince George an upbringing that couldn’t be more different from those of heirs before him to Kate Middleton proving she is 'leader of the family' as she prepares her kids for royal life, the Wales' know exactly how to balance their royal duties with those that come with parenthood. 

But while the family has seemingly got it all together now, with Prince William being 'scrupulous' about treating his children equally though Charlotte and Louis do know there is a difference between them and Prince George, and Princess Charlotte showing off the fact that she has ‘inherited’ her mum’s confidence, there was a time when parenthood was 'tough' and left William feeling a little lost. 

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince George

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As per reports in Marie Claire, the newborn Prince George would wake up screaming a whopping six times or more every single night, a fact that understandably left his new parents feeling more than a bit tired each morning.  

But William soon found a unique trick that sent his son back to sleep with little effort - though it sounds 'bizarre' and likely left Kate Middleton, and let's not forget her parents as the new family was living with them at the time, blocking their ears. 

According to a royal source who spoke to The Mirror, the Prince would sing Coldplay songs to the wailing child, an act that soothed the baby despite the fact that William 'can barely hold a note.'

Just days after George's birth, an experience that Kate relied on ‘hypnobirthing’ to get through, the source shared, “He’s [William] using a bizarre tactic of belting out Coldplay anthems at all hours of the night, even though he can barely hold a note. It’s even keeping Kate’s parents awake. His favorite song is ‘Paradise’ and he also loves doing ‘Yellow.’ Coldplay aren’t even his favorite band, but George responds to their songs the most and settles back down.”

Prince William, kate Middleton and Prince George

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It wasn't just George's sleeping that taxed Prince William. The new dad was also conscious of how he could balance work with his new found role as a parent. 

Following George's birth, The Mirror reported that a source told them, “New dad Prince William found this [George's arrival] particularly taxing as he worked to balance parenthood with his royal duties. William had no idea it would be this tough.” 

But as time has passed, the Prince has proved himself to be both a superhero dad and top-tier royal. Following the birth of his three children, a senior royal insider previously told The Daily Mail that William was ensuring he did not 'repeat his father’s mistakes when it comes to parenting' - something he has seemingly accomplished with royal experts recently sharing that the 'caring and dedicated' Prince William is a totally different dad compared to his 'workaholic' father King Charles.

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