Prince William's parenting rule he is 'scrupulous' about when it comes to Prince George and Princess Charlotte

The Prince of Wales has an ‘even-handed parenting’ style

Prince George and Princess Charlotte - Prince William's parenting rule he is 'scrupulous' about
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Prince William is 'scrupulous' about treating Prince George and Princess Charlotte 'equally’, even though only one is 'his eventual heir', a body language expert has claimed. 

Raising any child is hard, add two more to the mix and then throw in being royals and the venture grows slightly more intimidating. But it appears that Prince William is taking it all in stride. 

The Prince and Princess of Wales's oldest son Prince George, who turns ten later this month, has a unique relationship with his dad as they share the unique experience of both being heirs to the throne, sitting first and second in the royal line of succession.  

However, this special bond does not mean that George receives any special treatment that makes him different from his younger brother Prince Louis or his sister Princess Charlotte, who just this weekend proved she is Kate Middleton's mini me at the Wimbledon Final.

William is, by all accounts, a 'caring and dedicated' dad who takes a much more 'hands-on' approach then his own father did, and is always making sure that his kids each get special attention, whether that's by letting Prince George forge his own career path or by ‘watching with pride’ as Princess Charlotte grows up

Speaking to The Express, body language expert Judi James shared that William's 'even handed parenting' style is clear to see and praised the Prince for his 'scrupulous' approach in treating his kids as 'equals'.

She said, "William might have tended to keep a very careful eye on George, his eventual heir, who he mentors for the role and who he is increasingly being shown as someone to share the joys of sports like football with, but he has always been quite scrupulous in treating George and Charlotte as equals."

Referencing one instance where William's 'even-handed' approach was most obvious, James brought up the family's appearance at the half marathon at Sandringham in June 2021 on Father’s Day.

She explained, "When William was photographed romping on the ground with all three children it was Charlotte with her arms linked round his neck as they posed on a swing, in a gesture that was similar to one used by both George and Louis on their dad, which again seemed to illustrate William’s even-handed parenting."

Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte

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Prince William is constantly asked about all three of his children while chatting with royal fans on the various engagements he attends and is more than happy to share sweet tidbits about their lives away from the cameras. 

He has previously revealed that George and Charlotte tend to have 'massive fights' on a day-to-day basis as most brothers and sisters do, and the source of these arguments is usually the other's 'music choice.'

On Apple podcast Time to Walk, he shared, "Most mornings there's a massive fight between Charlotte and George as to what song is played in the morning."

But the Prince takes the shouting in his stride and knows how to deal with the outbursts in a fair way. He shared, "I have to now basically prioritise that one day someone does this one and another day, it's someone else's turn.

"So George gets his go, that Charlotte gets her go. Such is the clamour for the music."

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