Princess Charlotte has ‘inherited’ her mum’s confidence and it’s all down to Kate Middleton’s own ‘happy childhood’

The Princess is her mum's mini-me in more ways than one

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte
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According to both a royal expert and a body language expert, Princess Charlotte's recent public appearances show she has ‘inherited’ her mum’s 'confidence' and it’s likely thanks to Kate Middleton’s own ‘happy childhood.’

As Princess Charlotte makes more and more public appearances, it has become increasingly obvious that she is the spitting image of her mum, Kate Middleton. 

From her debut at Wimbledon earlier this month, where her dress shared a hidden meaning and she made royal fans go crazy on social media as she rocked a pair of adorable sunglasses and celebrated in the best way, to her sweet behaviour at King Charles III's birthday parade where she was spotted telling off her brother, the Princess can constantly be seen taking cues from her mum's behaviour. 

So while Kate has proved she is 'leader of the family,' Charlotte is showing that she will soon grow up to be the Royal Family’s ‘class prefect,’ a fact Prince William is reportedly extremely proud about. 

Charlotte, like her younger brother Prince Louis, may know that there is a difference between her and her oldest sibling Prince George, who sits second in the royal line of succession, but that has not impacted her approach to royal life or family life in the slightest, with both body language expert Judi James and royal expert Jennie Bond noting the 'confident' personality Charlotte has inherited from her mum Kate Middleton. 


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Speaking to OK! Magazine about Charlotte's recent Wimbledon debut, body language expert Judi James shared, “Watching Kate’s Wimbledon outing with Charlotte gave us a glimpse into how she’s actively mentoring her daughter for royal life. Their mother/daughter relationship is maturing into a lovely friendship, similar to William’s relationship with their son, George.

“The bonds between Kate and Charlotte are visible from the natural – and often subliminal – mirroring, which shows them in similar poses and using similar gestures too.

“When the tension of the match got too much for Charlotte she used a ‘cut-off’ ritual, placing both hands over her face. It looked like a direct mimicry of her mother. And sitting there with her stylish shades on while watching the match, she was a mini-me of elegant Kate.

“Charlotte also seems to have inherited Kate’s confidence, along with her competitiveness plus her tendency to lead. She currently has more freedom to be spontaneous in public and celebrated Alcaraz’s win by throwing both arms up into the air and appearing to ‘roar’."

Princess Charlotte at Wimbledon

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According to Judi, Kate is fully aware of her and daughter's likeness, with the Princess making sure to 'encourage' Charlotte's ''growing independence' as well as her good behaviour. 

“Kate’s fully tuned into her daughter," she said. "This synchronicity between them means she knows when to back off and when to encourage Charlotte’s freedom and growing independence. Both William and Kate look determined to make royal life as enjoyable for their children as possible and Wimbledon is definitely one of the perks of the job.”

Judi also added that it's not just Kate's personality that Charlotte has inherited, but also her stature at royal events. She revealed, “From the pictures we’ve seen of Kate as a child, it’s obvious that Charlotte takes after her mother in many ways. She’s developing the same willowy physique, she has lush, long hair and a happy – sometimes a little shy – smile.

“Of course, when we see Charlotte, it’s generally at a formal occasion or a prearranged photo opportunity, so she always looks extremely well turned out. Kate, by contrast at that age, had tousled hair or sometimes pigtails in photos – usually showing her clambering up a rock or doing something equally sporty.”

Princess Charlotte

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And it's not just Judi who has noticed the royal youngster's similarity to her mother. Speaking about Princess Charlotte's budding personality, Jennie Bond, the BBC's former royal correspondent shared with OK! Magazine, “From her obvious enjoyment watching the Wimbledon final, Charlotte has clearly inherited her mother’s love of sport, especially tennis.

"She seems to be taking these moments in the spotlight in her stride, just like her mother. She’s reaping the benefit of Kate and William’s determination to give them all as normal, rounded and secure a childhood as possible – emulating Kate’s early years.

“Some of Kate’s natural confidence stems from that happy childhood and, perhaps, the broad experience of life she gained during her very early years when she lived in Jordan."

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