Prince William’s cheeky sense of humour leaves teenagers ‘speechless’ as he joins unexpected video call

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Prince William’s jokes leave teenagers ‘speechless’ as he joins unexpected video call
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Prince William left a group of Sixth Form students 'speechless' on Friday, after joining the teenagers for a surprise lunch date during his visit to an Ipswich ambulance station. 

Prince William may be the future King of Britain, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get down with the kids of today. 

The Prince of Wales left a group of Colchester teenagers ‘speechless’ on Friday during his visit to a medical and ambulance station in Ipswich, after virtually FaceTiming one of their mobile phones. The 40-year-old made the hilarious call to the son of Kerry Gaskin, a service delivery manager at the NHS service. 

The Sixth Form students were enjoying a break from their lessons at school when the surreal moment occurred. 

Hannah Wickison, one of the teenagers lucky enough to be present when William’s call came through, shared exclusive details of the special moment with the press. 

“A friend's mum called him whilst he was visiting her at work and he was on the other end of the line,” the eighteen-year-old said. "We were all just so shocked and didn't expect it, completely speechless."


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Wickison also said that William, who was munching on a slice of cake during the call, made several jokes during the spontaneous call. 

"He asked us if we were friends with Ed Sheeran as one of our friends has red hair,” she recalled. The 40-year-old also jokingly criticized the cake he was eating, which was made by the mother of the boy whose phone he rang, as "not very good." 

"She wouldn’t win Bake-Off," William apparently added, delighting the teenagers with his witty banter. 

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After the call ended, Wickison and her friends were left "completely speechless" as they sat together in silence, "processing everything." The encounter was so shocking that it was met with skepticism by some of the group's peers, who were convinced that William's cameo had been fabricated. 

"Some people didn't think it was real and they thought it was a filter of him! Yeah, I won't forget that for a long time."

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