Princess Diana’s biographer reveals the one question he never dared to ask her

Andrew Morton wrote the best-selling royal biography, Princess Diana, Her True Story – In Her Own Words

Andrew Morton and Princess Diana
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Andrew Morton, the author behind the bestselling biography Princess Diana, Her True Story – In Her Own Words, has revealed the one question he never dared to ask Princess Diana and shared why he believes Prince Harry will never regret writing Spare. 

As Prince Harry's explosive memoir Spare grabs headlines and media attention across the world, Princess Diana's royal biographer has put his two cents into the conversation. Andrew Morton's best-selling royal biography, Princess Diana, Her True Story – In Her Own Words, published in 1992, much like Prince Harry's memoir, made waves that could be felt globe-wide. 

Speaking on HELLO!'s new A Right Royal Podcast, the biographer went into great detail about his time with the late Princess Diana, sharing details about her childhood and the lasting impact it had on her.

He said, "I remember occasions when Diana was in tears talking about some of the issues in her life, mostly her suicide attempts, and when I sent her to read through Chapter 6, she was in tears reading it because it just brought back so many memories.

"She did have a difficult childhood, an unhappy childhood, and talking about that as well it was like ploughing a field, it brought to the surface all kinds of unhappiness."

Andrew Morton

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As a royal biographer himself, who has witnessed the impact of sharing insider stories about The Firm, Morton went on to reveal why he believes Prince Harry will never regret writing Spare. 

He said, "Harry will have thought long and hard before doing this, but he also has the undivided support of his wife, which is very different. I mean, this is a huge contrast between Harry and Diana, Diana was talking about a broken marriage, an unhappy marriage. Harry's talking about unhappiness with an institution.

"Diana, and let's just get straight, never regretted for a living second, having cooperated with the book and even wrote to us to say as much. There's been all kinds of speculation to say, 'Oh, she regretted it.' She never did."

Princess Diana

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He summed up what he believed to be Harry's feelings, "I'm sure he feels like he has done the right thing."

Andrew was then asked by the podcast hosts why he thought Prince Harry had decided to write a memoir and what he thinks his mother, Diana, would think of the book. The author then surprised both the hosts and listeners by revealing the one question he never asked the late Princess.

"The one question I never asked her was, 'why are you doing it?'," he said, referring to her taking part in the biography. "Because she might have thought to herself, 'Why am I doing it'?"

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