Queen Consort Camilla's touching TV tribute to the Queen, 'It must've been so difficult for her'

The personal interview will be aired on Sunday night just before the nation's minute of silence

Queen Consort Camilla's touching touching TV tribute to the Queen, 'It must've been so difficult for her'
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Queen Consort Camilla (opens in new tab) has filmed a touching tribute to her late mother-in-law, the Queen (opens in new tab), which will air on TV tonight (Sunday the 18th of September).

Queen Consort Camilla has taken part in very personal interview which is set to be aired tonight, Sunday the 18th of September, just before the nation's minute of silence. 

In snippets which have already been released, The Queen Consort clearly remembers the Queen with great affection, citing her mother-in-laws (opens in new tab) "wonderful blue eyes" and saying, "I will always remember her smile."

Sky News reports that, in the interview, Camilla details how the Queen carved out her own role for many years in the "difficult position" of being a "solitary woman" in a male-dominated world.

"I can't remember anyone except the Queen being there," says the Queen Consort.

Camilla speaks with an obvious love of the Queen and her sorrow at her passing is clear. She says, "She's been part of our lives forever. I'm 75 now, and I can't remember anyone except the Queen being there.

"It must have been so difficult for her, being a solitary woman. There weren't women prime ministers or presidents. She was the only one, so I think she carved her own role."

"She's got those wonderful blue eyes, that when she smiles they light up her whole face. I will always remember her smile. That smile is unforgettable."

The tribute will be aired in full on the BBC shortly before the national minute's silence at 8pm.

In February 2022, the Queen said it was her "sincere wish" for the then Duchess of Cornwall to be known as "Queen Consort" when the time came (opens in new tab), calling on the public to back both her daughter-in-law and Charles when he became King.

When addressed in full, Camilla is now referred to as Her Majesty, Queen Consort Camilla, and is expected to be crowned Queen at the King's coronation.

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