How Prince George scared the Queen while getting ready for Christmas in funny forgotten video

He got a little bit excited baking with his relatives!

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Prince George once scared his great-grandmother during his Christmas preparations after getting a little overexcited – as can be seen in an old video.

With so many young children in the Royal Family at the moment, there’s no shortage of funny and cheeky moments from the last few years to look back on. From Prince Louis’ cheeky stunt a couple of weeks ago to a hilarious comment Princess Charlotte made after her birthday a couple of years ago, there are plenty of amusing anecdotes!

One that often goes under the radar features their big brother George, who inadvertently scared Queen Elizabeth back in 2019. 

He appeared alongside dad Prince William, grandfather Prince Charles, and of course the late Queen in a video for a Royal British Legion initiative, ‘Together at Christmas’, with the four generations stirring Christmas puddings together.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince George

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The project aimed to offer support to those associated with the Armed Forces at festive events both in the UK and overseas, so the Royals were making Christmas puddings and stirring commemorative sixpence pieces into the mixture. 

However, it was young George who stole the show. In the footage, he can be seen stirring the mixture as William and Charles pour some more fruit into the bowl. And then, George begins to heartily stab the mixture with a wooden spoon.

Meanwhile, the Queen then tries to move away from her excited great-grandson, pushing herself behind Charles. 

While the late monarch may have appeared a little scared by George’s forceful baking, it’s thought that she enjoyed a close bond with her eldest great-grandson. 

Queen Elizabeth with her family

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Body language expert Judi James revealed earlier this year that the Queen was “happiest” when surrounded by her great-grandchildren, and was a “very loving great-granny.”

She said, “Queen Elizabeth often looked at her happiest when surrounded by her great-grandchildren and even in more formal poses she appears relaxed and quietly playful.

“Her bonds with all of them appear typically doting although we have been shown some moments that look especially intimate.”

Judi explained that, while the Queen loved all of her great-grandchildren, she had a more “profound investment” in George and his siblings, as she understood their “destiny” and the weight on their shoulders.

She continued, “Like her relationship with Charles and William, there is always the sense of something very special in the Queen’s bonding with George that is based on empathy and destiny.”

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