Why Princess Charlotte speaking Spanish by the age of 2 is causing a stir online

The Wales youngster, now 8 years old, is excelling - but it's receiving a mixed reaction

Princess Charlotte
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Princess Charlotte could speak two languages by the age of two but her 'impressive' skill has been met with some criticism.

As parents, child development is important - especially in the early years - and after it's been reported that the Wales youngster could speak both English and Spanish by the age of two, her feat has received some backlash.

It's no secret that Kate Middleton and Prince William's children Prince George, Charlotte and Louis have a Norland nanny to look after them while they juggle their royal duties with family life.

And it appears to be paying off as Princess Charlotte, who attends Lambrook school in Berkshire with her siblings, is said to have picked up some Spanish phrases from her nanny.

A source told People magazine, "She’s very sweet and very confident — she’s always chatting away, is so polite, but also fun and energetic."

They added, “She has beautiful manners" and speaks some Spanish as her Nanny Maria Turrion Borrallo is from Spain.

But her 'privileged' position has received mixed views online.

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One tweeted, "It’s called being Privileged and born into Royalty. God bless you little one you will never know a normal life."

Another played down her skill and put, "It's not that impressive that Princess Charlotte can speak two languages at 2. Most kids like myself, with two parents from different countries are bilingual from the start of language development."

And a third user on the platform X (formerly Twitter) pointed out, "So can children of immigrant families, who definitely don’t have nannies or a private education. Who do think deserves more praise?"

But some royal fans have praised the achievements of Princess Charlotte, who is already taking charge at public events, and in recent months has been described as a 'standout star'.

One fan commented, "It's amazing that Princess Charlotte can already speak two languages at two years old, she's one incredibly talented kid that much is certain."

Another supporter added, "People moaning because princess Charlotte can apparently speak two languages. At least they are culturing her, my daughter speaks two it’s so good for their development. It’s not always about the money most nurseries these days offer to teach a second language."

And a third shared, "My family is bilingual, we speak Spanish and English at home and my kids can’t speak Spanish at all! They’ll understand what you’re saying but won’t utter a word that is not English. Princess Charlotte speaking two languages at 2 years old is impressive!"

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