Uncoupled release date: What time is it on Netflix?

The date and time to watch the Neil Patrick Harris comedy drama

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Exactly when you can watch the must-see comedy drama starring the iconic How I Met Your Mother actor.

Uncoupled is Netflix’s latest comedy drama starring Neil Patrick Harris. The 8-part series follows Harris’ character Michael - a real estate agent -  who seems to have it all. He has a lovely home, and lives with his partner of 17 years, Colin. His life couldn’t be more idyllic, until Colin’s 50th party happens. After nearly 2 decades together, birthday boy Colin announces he wants to break up. Michael is suddenly left navigating the loss of his soulmate, and life as a single gay man in his middle aged years in New York City.

The series is created by infamous Sex and the City producer Darren Star, who was most recently behind the sequel to the iconic series, And Just Like That season 1. Star is also the mastermind behind upcoming And Just Like That season 2. It joins hyped docu-series The Most Hated Man on the Internet about revenge porn criminal Hunter Moore as a Netflix must-watch this July.

Uncoupled release date: What time is it on Netflix?

Comedy drama Uncoupled will be released in the UK on Netflix at 8am, Friday 29 July, 2022. This means the series will be available to American audiences on the same date, landing at 12 a.m. Pacific Time (PT) and 3 a.m. Eastern Time (ET) with all episodes available at the same time.

There are three Netflix packages you can sign up to. The cheapest package costs £6.99 per month, and this includes unlimited access to the Netflix catalogue. However, with the basic package, subscribers can only stream from one device at a time.

The standard package - at £10.99 per month - includes the entire Netflix catalogue, but allows simultaneous streaming from 2 devices. This package also has shows in HD, and allows downloads to mobile devices. 

The final premium package costs £15.99 per month, and features bonuses including streaming across four devices. Plus it contains most of the catalogue in Ultra HD.

Uncoupled - cast

  • Neil Patrick Harris (How I Met Your Mother, Gone Girl) as Michael Lawson
  • Tisha Campbell (Little Shop of Horrors, Blindspotting) as Suzanne Prentis
  • Tuc Watkins (Desperate Housewives, The Boys in the Band) as Colin McKennas
  • Marcia Gay Harden (Code Black, Fifty Shades of Grey) as Claire Lewis
  • Emerson Brooks (Deep Blue Sea 3, The Last Ship) as Billy Jackson 
  • Brooks Ashmanskas (The Good Wife, Better Nate Than Ever) as Stanley James

Speaking to Them about his role in Uncoupled, Neil Patrick Harris discussed the difficulties of the sudden jump between comedy and drama in the show. He said "You can be sad about a breakup and then also, like, trip and fall, and spill your coffee at the coffee shop”. 

He added: “We live in a world where funny things happen to us on the subway or while brushing your teeth, and so I hope people can laugh at it but also empathize, sympathise".

On starring in a show focussing purely on the LGBTQ+ dating scene, Harris said "It speaks to a celebration of how far we’ve come. It’s interesting to me to be telling a gay breakup story and have it feel like nothing within it seems salacious or groundbreaking. 

"I love that we’ve been telling gay stories for long enough that a gay divorce or generational dating show exists at all". 

Neil Patrick Harris as Michael and Brooks Ashmanskas as Stanley is Netflix's Uncoupled

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Harris himself has been married since 2014, and navigating the dating scene is something he's put behind him in his real life. According to Netflix companion site Tudum, Harris isn't the only one glad not to have to understand how the likes of Tinder work. Co-creator of the show Jeffrey Richman, suggests the series is an opportunity to highlight the plight of newly single middle-aged men. 

Of those in this situation he knows personally, Richman said "The idea that the person that you trust most in the world could actually just tell you that the relationship is over, and vanish after almost two decades together, that happened to people I know". 

He also spoke of it happening to people co-creator Darren star knows. He continued to add "The epic betrayal and recovery of that was what was interesting to us.” 

Uncoupled - reviews

So far, reviews for Uncoupled have been mixed, bordering on generally positive. With the show not being released to audiences yet, reviews are predominantly from critics who've been privy to the series' previews. Critical site Rotten Tomatoes so far offers a 67% critic's score. This however, is only from a handful of reviews. 


Amy Amatangelo of Paste magazine called the series "Fun, funny, emotional, and full of characters and friendships you care about", offering 8.7/10. The only negative she could find was the lack of episodes - she would've preferred far more than just 8. 

Vanity Fair's Richard Lawson was equally positive about the series. He particularly enjoyed the "perverse pleasure to Uncoupled’s blithe indulgence, the guilty thrill of spending time in a world in which money is both no object and the only object". 


Offering only 2/5, the Financial Times critic Dan Einav was less than enthusiastic. He said "It’s a shame... that a release [that] should be seen as a sign of progress is so dated and uninspired in other ways".

Similarly unimpressed, Daniel D'Addario from Variety referred to the series as "surprisingly sour". He added "The show thrusts its jitteringly antic 'Emily in Paris' energy against a subject, and a character, too lachrymose to generate sparks".

Could there be an Uncoupled season 2?

There has been no official announcement about Uncoupled season 2. It's been widely speculated Netflix will wait for audience reactions to the show before greenlighting a second season. With plenty of positive critic reviews so far, the chances of a positive audience reception is looking likely. 

With Netflix revealing Uncoupled in May 2021, if renewed, Uncoupled season 2 would have an expected release of summer or autumn 2023.

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