Victoria Beckham feels ‘guilty’ her youngest daughter is ‘missing out’ as older family members move away from home

Harper Beckham is the youngest of four siblings

Victoria Beckham
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As her three sons reach the age where they're beginning their own lives away from home, Victoria Beckham reportedly feels ‘guilty’ that her youngest daughter is ‘missing out’ on family time. 

David and Victoria Beckham's youngest child and only daughter Harper may have a life seemingly miles apart from that of an average 12 year old, with globally famous parents and a lifestyle that sees her jetting around the globe, but she still faces the same trials and tribulations of any younger sibling. 

Despite her mum revealing that Harper is 'obsessed with cosmetics,' the youngster is banned from wearing makeup outside the house - though her dad did just show off his relaxed parenting style by sharing a sweet snap of Harper doing his make up.

But there are factors outside of the parents' control affecting their daughter's life. The one that Victoria feels most 'guilty' about? The fact Harper's brothers are moving away and leaving her no one to 'hang out' with.

An insider close to the Beckham family recently revealed to Heat Magazine that Victoria has been left heartbroken as her dreams of big family holidays become a thing of the past, something she worries has left Harper is 'lonely.'

Victoria Beckham

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They shared, "The big Beckham family holiday was such a tradition. They always had this vision that the kids would always be with them and bring their other halves as they got older, meaning the numbers would just increase every year as grandkids were eventually added in. But now, the worry is that it may actually go the other way, and that their retirement dreams of summer gatherings and big, loud Christmases might be wishful thinking.

“Vic and David feel so guilty that, as the youngest, Harper doesn’t have anyone else to hang out with. The boys all had each other for holidays and would get to do so much, so they don’t want Harper to be lonely or feel like she’s missing out – or missing the boys. She’s always been especially close to Brooklyn and Romeo."

The family's oldest son Brooklyn, 24, currently lives in the US with his wife Nicola Peltz and has been there since 2020. The next in line, Romeo, 20, has been missing from recent family meet-ups and social media posts as he is busy following in his dad's footsteps as he focuses on his footballing career.

The youngest brother, Cruz, 18, according to Heat's insider, is simply at the age 'where he’d rather be partying with his pals than his mum and dad,' meaning he isn't likely to be joining in with the family plans. 

However, Victoria is keen to make sure Harper has the best time during her school summer holidays and has been documenting the many exciting things they've been getting up to so far as a mother-daughter duo.

The insider added, “For Vic, it’s all about trying to make sure her little girl has the time of her life. Both she and David agree they will be brokenhearted if Harper wanted to go away with friends instead, so they are just letting her dictate plans and it’s all about making sure she gets to really live it up for the rest of the summer.”

Over on Instagram, Harper is living a life envied by many 12 year old girls. As well as celebrating her birthday at Prada with what Victoria called a 'Prada Party,' the youngest Beckham was also pictured with Kim Kardashian at a football game in Miami. - What a dream!

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