The Walking Dead season 11 part 3: Confirmed release date and trailer

Fans have been given a teaser for the hotly anticipated season 3 final episodes

Seth Gilliam as Gabriel and Ross Marquand as Aaron in The Walking Dead
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Those final episodes fans have been waiting for have been given a release date

The Walking Dead has always taken a mid-season break, and fans are used to waiting for the remaining episodes following a cliffhanger. Season 11 has ramped up the waiting game, this time splitting the 24 episodes into 3 parts - that’s 2 mid-season breaks. The first 8 episodes ran during August to October, 2021. Picking up again in February 2022, another break was taken from April 2022. Now the wait for those final episodes is nearly over, with their release date confirmed. There’s also a trailer to build the excitement even further.

Not the only zombie series generating strong fan reactions, the latest incarnation of the Resident Evil franchise can currently be found on Netflix. Fans of supernatural beings can also find all six seasons of Lucifer streaming on Netflix. Telekinetic children fighting monsters from another dimension can be found in Stranger Things season 4 Volume 2. The nostalgic supernatural horror series is still dominating the Netflix top 10.   

The Walking Dead season 11 part 3 release date 

The Walking Dead season 11 part 3 begins with episode 17 airing on AMC in the US on Sunday October 2, 2022. It will air in the UK the following day on Star on Disney Plus, on October 3, 2022.

The official synopsis for the final episodes states “In the upcoming final episodes of The Walking Dead, threats lurk around every corner, dead and alive, as each group continues to get caught in uncontrollable situations. The looming pressure is cresting towards a day of reckoning for all. Will the sum of their individual journeys cumulate into one, or divide them forever?”

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For those wanting to stream the episodes, A Disney Plus subscription costs £7.99 per month in the UK, or £79.90 for a year’s access. 

The majority of Disney Plus content is available with the subscription, although Disney occasionally releases Disney Plus Premier Access titles, requiring additional payment. However, such titles are usually added to the catalogue a short time later, where they are free to watch. UK subscribers can stream on four screens simultaneously, and register up to 10 devices - the service will support 7 profiles. 

 The Walking Dead season 11 part 3 trailer 

The Walking Dead season 11 recap 

Season 11 opened with a desperate hunt for food dividing the survivors. Daryl, Maggie, Negan, and other outlying characters take the dangerous trip into a walker infested subway, in their quest for sustenance. The remaining crew stay behind in Alexandria in an attempt to rebuild it, after the final battle with the Whisperers saw it destroyed. 

The Alexandrian’s attempt to rebuild their home comes under continuous threat when a storm hits. Already exposed to walkers, it looks like the group won’t survive when their fragile structures are battered further, and Judith and Gracie find themselves trapped in a flooding basement with walkers snapping at their toes. Raising a few heart rates, they do manage to survive, and celebration abounds when Connie - missing presumed dead - arrives back at camp. 

This series’ antagonists The Reapers make a dramatic appearance. Predominantly paramilitary experts - led by a religious zealot self-named The Pope - they lure Daryl into their ranks. His former girlfriend Leah is with them, much to everybody’s surprise. She seemed nice when she and Daryl were together, and they are an awful branch of what remains of humanity.

The Reapers use Daryl as intel to try and take out the Alexandrians. He luckily manages to kill several of their members and The Pope, before this can happen. Meanwhile, Princess, Eugene, Yukimo and Ezekiel are finally let into the Commonwealth, and at first glance, it’s every apocalypse survivor’s dream.

Josh McDermitt as Eugene, Paola Lázaro as Princess, and Khary Payton as Ezekiel in The Walking Dead

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The secure retreat has schools, shops, a hospital, and its own President and legal system. The four can’t believe their luck. Yukimo even finds her surgeon brother, also presumed dead since her arrival to the show. But of course, all is not as it seems. Stephanie - the mysterious voice Eugene heard over the radio that brought them to the Commonwealth - is not romantically interested in him at all. She lured the group there as part of the Commonwealth plans to control all survivors.

Outside of the Commonwealth walls, Negan is found - he ran after he tried to have Maggie killed by walkers. He is living with a fairly peaceful group of survivors and surprises everyone by revealing he is married and his wife is pregnant. His semi-peaceful existence is shattered when Commonwealth authorities arrive at his building and start pushing his people from the top of the building.

Now the Alexandrians and those who defected to the Commonwealth realise it is corrupt to its very core, the remaining episodes could bring an explosive showdown between the communities.

 The Walking Dead season 11: Reviews 

For the length the series has been running, The Walking Dead has done a stellar job in maintaining consistently favourable reviews. Review site Rotten Tomatoes asserts season 11 has an 83% critic rating, and a 74% audience score.     

One reviewer wrote “The Final Season is The Walking Dead like you've never seen it before. Even at the beginning of the end, The Walking Dead isn't dying, it's living again”. Another added “The Walking Dead really did go far enough to create compelling reasons to see how things get resolved”.

Talking about season 11 episode 9, one fan posted to Twitter saying “I've not seen one person complain about 1109. Literally everyone who has watched it, is saying what an amazing episode it was. This makes me so happy man. I feel like everyone has been so negative about the show this season, so this feels...refreshing”.

Another fan praised the season, adding that it had landed with a bang. Commending the performances of the main cast, they said “you can’t teach that raw emotion in acting”.

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Will there be The Walking Dead season 12? 

Sadly, the decision has been made to end The Walking Dead with season 11. However, the show has many spinoffs currently running, and more planned for the future.

Fear The Walking Dead began in 2015, and charted the onset of the apocalypse - something The Walking Dead didn’t touch on. The show has run for 7 seasons, and has been renewed for an 8th. 

The Walking Dead: World Beyond, ran for 2 seasons between 2020-2021. There are 20 episodes in the female led series. Despite rumours the show was cancelled, it was only designed for a 2 series run, where producers felt this would be sufficient to complete the story arc.

In September 2020, AMC announced they were developing an episodic anthology series, exploring main character backstories. Entitled Tales of The Walking Dead, the first season consisting of 6 episodes, will premiere on August 14, 2022.

Isle of the Dead will star Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohan, following their characters Negan and Maggie as they find themselves tackling New York. Season 1 containing 6 episodes, will premiere sometime in 2023.

An Untitled Daryl and Carol spinoff was announced in 2020. However, Melissa McBride has since announced she isn’t able to travel to Europe and spend the amount of time there required for filming. The series is set to continue with Norman Reedus as Daryl, airing sometime in 2023. 

An untitled Rick & Michonne spinoff is also in the works. When Rick Grimes departed the show in season 9, it was felt his character arc was not complete. Actor Andrew Lincoln then signed up for 3 films that would finish his character's story. This idea was then shelved, and a six-episode series announced. Lincoln will star alongside Michonne actress Danai Gurira, concluding their narratives and bringing closure to their enduring love story.

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