Where is Liz Golyar now from Lover, Stalker, Killer?

After tuning in, it's a question being asked by a lot of viewers

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Where is Liz Golyar now? We look at the whereabouts of the woman who terrorised those around her, and got away with it for so many years.

Netflix knows how to bring the shocks with its true-crime documentaries. It's latest offering, Lover, Stalker, Killer, is no different. After trying online dating, mechanic Dave hit it off with two single mothers - Liz Golyar and Cari Farver. Honest with them about not wanting to be tied down, Dave planned to see multiple women after coming out of a long-term relationship. He was also a father-of-two himself. Cari eventually went missing, and it appeared she was harassing Dave and her own family from afar. For four years everyone involved lived a nightmare, until Liz was found to be at the centre of everything - including the murder of Cari.

Netflix viewers were similarly horrified by the crimes of Paolo Macchiarini, and asking for the whereabouts of the man at the heart of Bad Surgeon. Those mesmerised by true-crime dramatisation Griselda on the streamer, were left wondering what happened to her children and what happened to her husbands too. For those pondering about the whereabouts of Liz Golyar now, read on for everything we know. 

Where is Liz Golyar now?

Shanna Elizabeth Golyar, known as Liz, is currently serving a life sentence at the Nebraska Correctional Facility for Women in West Nebraska. She will not be eligible for parole for the duration of her sentence.

Following four years of unrelenting targeted harassment against Dave and anyone he became involved with, and Cari Farver's family, Golyar was arrested on December 22, 2016. She was charged with first-degree murder. According to ABC News, Douglas County attorney Brenda Beadle, prosecuting the case, said, "This was by far the most difficult case I've ever tried. Most homicides are dark. This one was… bizarre to the point where it would take some convincing to make somebody believe that it actually happened." 

She added "There's no way that someone would let their dog die in a fire that they started. There's no way that someone would shoot themselves in the femur." Both of these were really carried out by Golyar as she impersonated Farver and acted as a victim herself. 

Speaking to ABC following Golyar's conviction, the Omaha Police Department said, "The unusual nature of this case, and the great lengths that Shanna Goylar went to hide this homicide, undoubtedly perplexed everyone involved."

They added "The successful investigation between the Omaha Police Department and the Potawatomi County Sheriff Office resulted in the successful prosecution of Shanna Goylar and brought to light an extreme level of deception that law enforcement rarely encounters." 

Liz Golyar continues to protest her innocence and insists she isn't Cari Farver's killer.  

What did Liz Golyar do?

Liz Golyar met David Kroupa through online dating site, Plenty of Fish, in summer 2012. Despite Kroupa insisting on a casual relationship to which Golyar agreed, she really wanted commitment. It's thought she then became obsessed with the though of him dating others. 

By October 2012, Kroupa began a relationship with Cari Farver. Golyar sent a number of abusive messages to Kroupa, when she found out about Cari. Following the couple home from a date, Golyar rang the doorbell and insisted on being allowed in. At this point, Farver decided to leave. This meant she passed Golyar on her way out to her black Ford Explorer, giving Golyar a look at her face and the car she drove. 

Kroupa and Farver stayed in a relationship, and by November, Golyar had vandalised Farver's car. Farver left for her job as a computer programmer on November 13, 2012, at around. 6:20 am having spent the previous night at Kroupa's. She disappeared and has never been seen since.

By 10am the same day, Golyar began her impersonation of Cari Farver, starting by sending a message to Kroupa as the missing woman, requesting they move in together. He was surprised by this, as the pair were both happy with a casual arrangement, and Farver was happy living with her son. After saying no, he received an angry reply, breaking off their relationship. 

Farver's mother received a message from Golyar impersonating her daughter the same day, saying she'd found a new job and was moving away. Responding to who she thought was her daughter, Farver's mother asked when she planned to collect her son, and other important questions - she didn't get a reply and reported her daughter missing on Friday, November 16.

Production still from Netflix's Lover, Stalker, Killer

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On November 17, 2012, Farver's mother received a photo via text of a check for $5,000. The message continued to request her mother let someone into her flat who had purchased some furniture she no longer needed as she was moving - the check was signed by Golyar. 

Between November 2012 and December 2015, both Golyar and Kroupa received harassing texts and emails supposedly from Farver. There were sometimes up to 50 to 60 malicious emails in one day. Golyar's property was frequently vandalised, immediately followed by an email from Farver to take responsibility.

Golyar set fire to her own house, getting others to believe Farver had done it - her four pets died in the blaze. On meeting the mother of Kroupa's children, Amy Flora, Golyar took a dislike to her also. It's believed she shot herself in the thigh and when police arrived, insisted Flora had shot her - Flora was cleared immediately.

Golyar eventually fabricated emails from Flora confessing to the murder of Farver. However, by this time, different detectives were on the case and it was being reviewed. Farver's car was analysed by forensics who'd originally not found anything. Her blood was then found when analysed again. Golyar's digital footprint had also previously been looked at, but a fresh look found IP addresses for much of the harassment tracked to her.

Kroupa then recalled a had a tablet in storage that could prove useful, handing it to investigators. A micro SD memory card in Golyar's phone at the time of the murder was found, and the thousands of deleted images it contained were recovered. One photo depicted a human foot with a distinctive tattoo - Farver's mother was able to confirm it was her from the pictures. Golyar had killed Farver and taken photos of her body, and this cemented evidence investigators had to convict her of murder. 

Cari Farver's body has never been found.

Production still from Netflix's Lover, Stalker, Killer

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Did Liz Golyar have kids?

Liz Golyar has two children, while Cari Farver's had one son, Max, who is thought to have lived with her mother, Nancy, after her death. 

The three investigators who solved the case eventually established a scholarship fund in Farver's name at the local community college. This was to forge something that had positive associations with her memory. 

Speaking to ABC News about how she'd like her daughter remembered, Nancy Raney said "As the fun-loving, talented, smart woman that she was." She added "Cari was only 37 when she died. If I could talk to Cari right now, I'd say 'I love you. I'm so glad that you are in my life. You have a beautiful son who's got a wonderful life coming, and I miss you terribly.'"

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