Where is Tony Martin now? The farmer from Channel 4's The Interrogation

As the 2018 drama arrives on Netflix, we reveal what happened to Tony Martin after he was convicted of murder.

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Channel 4's The Interrogation has just landed on Netflix, and it's got viewers asking where Tony Martin is now.

The 2018 factual drama follows the interrogation of Tony Martin after he shot Fred Barras and Brendon Fearon when they broke into his home - killing the former. Now, almost exactly 20 years after he walked free in July 2003, the TV adaptation has seen renewed interest following its arrival on Netflix.

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Where is Tony Martin now?

Tony Martin is reportedly living at a property nearby to the £3million farm where he shot Fred Barras and Brendon Fearon, which he still owns. In an interview with the Mirror, he said he has not stepped foot into the building at Bleak House Farm since the killing.

He added in the interview that he has considered submitting a file to the Criminal Cases Review Commission - citing the definition of "fresh evidence" - in order to quash the manslaughter conviction, but said he doesn't know if he has the fight left in him.

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He said, "I would like to appeal but you can’t because you need fresh evidence. My idea of fresh evidence and their idea [of it] are different.

"I’d love to clear my name before I die but it may never happen. The law won’t allow it."

What did Tony Martin do?

Tony Martin killed 16-year-old Fred Barras after the latter broke into his farm in 1999. Tony confronted Fred and fellow intruder Brendon Fearon after catching them in the farmhouse where he was living alone.

After firing the shotgun, Fred was hit in the leg and back, dying at the scene. Brendon, who was 29 at the time, was hit in the leg, and he survived.

The incident sparked a national debate, with some saying Tony had the right to defend his property and others horrified that he had killed a teenager.

Mr Martin was charged with offences including murder, attempted murder and possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life, and at the trial the prosecution accused him of lying in wait and opening fire without warning. They also pointed out that he did not have a valid firearms certificate.

Did Tony Martin go to prison?

Tony Martin spent three years in prison after killing Fred Barras. He was jailed after the incident occurred in 1999 and found guilty of murder the following year. However, the conviction was quashed on appeal and he was sent to prison for manslaughter.

At his trial, the jury found him guilty of murder by a 10 to 2 majority, finding there was intent to kill. He was initially sentenced to life imprisonment but this was reduced after the appeal in October 2001. The appeal included evidence that Martin was diagnosed with paranoid personality disorder exacerbated by depression.

Speaking to the Mirror about his time in prison, he said, "I’m surprised how quickly time went by in prison. When I was released I was a little bit lost. I sacrificed a lot of valuable time and I’m not the same person."

What happened to Fred Barras and Brendon Fearon?

Both Fred Barras and Brendon Fearon sustained gunshot injuries, and Fred died from the wounds. Though both escaped through a window in Tony Martin's house, Fred was found dead in the undergrowth the next day.

After the break-in, Brendon and getaway driver Darren Bark, then 33, admitted to conspiring to burgle Martin's farmhouse on August 20, 1999.

Brendon was sentenced to 36 months in prison, while Darren was handed 30 months.

According to the Evening Standard, Brendon Fearon received an estimated £5,000 of legal aid to sue Tony Martin for loss of earnings due to the injuries he had sustained.

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