Where is Two Doors Down filmed and will there be a Christmas Special?

Find out the filming location of the BBC Two show

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Where is Two Doors Down filmed is the question many viewers want answered following the show's sixth season.

The Scottish sitcom set in suburban Glasgow has been a hit with TV viewers since it first aired in 2016, making the characters and their homes on the fictional Latimer Crescent familiar to fans - but many want to know what the real filming location of the show is.

And now the Christmas TV schedule has been unveiled - with hotly awaited festive episodes of Strictly Come Dancing, Call the Midwife and much more to enjoy - TV fans are wondering with their be a Two Doors Down Christmas Special and when will it air?

Where is Two Doors Down filmed?

Most of Two Doors Down is filmed at the BBC's Dumbarton Studios in Glasgow, but some of the show is also filmed in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland.

In 2019, between series three and four, Two Doors Down was forced to move filming from Bowmont Hill, Bishopbriggs to Hamilton after a stand-off between production staff and a local resident that resulted in the police being called.

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A source told the Scottish Sun after the incident: "Tensions first started to rise during filming for the second series.

"Alistair [the resident] accused the BBC crew of dumping a load of rubbish from a wheelbarrow into a field at the bottom of the street. He claimed the TV guys said they would return to remove it, but never did."

Following the move and filming of the fourth series, a BBC Scotland spokeswoman told the Daily Record: "The bulk of Two Doors Down is filmed at Dumbarton Studios. For series four, we have filmed the brief external shots in Hamilton, for various logistical reasons."

She added: "Latimer Crescent is a fictional suburban street so we chose a location which could reflect that, and could also accommodate filming for a week with cast and crew there. The neighbours were very welcoming and the street looks perfect on screen.”

Dumbarton Studios is 18,000 sq ft, and is located within 30 minutes of central Glasgow and 20 minutes from Glasgow Airport. Other productions that are part of Dumbarton Studios include Still Game, Shetland and Vigil.

What street is Two Doors Down filmed on?

The street used for filming Two Doors Down is Avonbrae Crescent in Silvertonhill, Hamilton.

In the show, the street is given the fictional name of Latimer Crescent and is the home of Beth and Eric Baird - whose house is at the centre of the Scottish sitcom - along with their exasperating neighbours.

Will there be a Two Doors Down Christmas Special?

Yes, the BBC has confirmed that there will be a Two Doors Down Christmas Special in 2022.

The BBC described what can be expected from the Christmas Special, saying, "As the snow begins to fall, it’s a welcome break at the coffee shop after some busy Christmas shopping. Christine displays uncharacteristic generosity when she discovers she has more loyalty points on her card than she expected, while Michelle is annoyed that Alan has lost his wallet somewhere in town. Dismayed at the prospect of having to cancel her cards so close to Christmas, she sends him out to look for it again."

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When is the Two Doors Down Christmas Special?

The Two Doors Down Christmas Special will air on Friday 23 December at 10pm, and will be available to watch on BBC One and iPlayer.

In the meantime, past series of Two Doors Down - including the most recent series six - are also available to view on BBC iPlayer.

Two Doors Down 2022 cast

  • Arabella Weir - Beth
  • Alex Norton - Eric
  • Elaine C Smith - Christine
  • Joy McAvoy - Michelle
  • Jamie Quinn - Ian
  • Kieran Hodgson - Gordon
  • Graeme Stevely - Alan
  • Jonathan Watson - Colin

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