Who is Anne Hegerty married to and does she have kids?

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Is Anne Hegerty married and does she have kids?
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The quiz master's love life, self-admittedly, is a little complicated thanks to her struggles with autism. After gaining a fan base on The Chase (opens in new tab) as 'The Governess', Anne Solway Hegerty, 62, was invited to be a contestant on the 2018 series of the ITV reality show I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!, in which she was the fifth person voted out.

While in the camp, Anne spoke candidly about her autism and her love life, bringing her praise from others living with autism.  (opens in new tab)

Despite her openness, many fans are still wondering who is Anne Hegerty married to and does she have kids?

Who is Anne Hegerty married to?

Anne Hegerty is not married, and despite what her Wikipedia page once claimed, does not have a husband.

The star's Wikipedia page once said she was married to a man called Jake Hester since 2015. But Anne set the record straight on I’m A Celebrity in 2018, telling her campmates, “I used to go into my page to change things like where I was born and my hometown but I’ve stopped bothering now.

“It still claims I’m married to someone called Jake Heston! I seriously don’t know who he is.”

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Does Anne Hegerty have kids?

No, Anne Hegerty does not have kids - a fact she has only recently made peace with.

In a 2021 interview, The Express reports that she admitted her worries about never having children have faded. She said, "I used to mind that that didn’t seem to be going to happen. But to be perfectly honest, I do actually feel I’ve rather dodged a bullet."

During an episode of ITV spin-off show, The Chasers Road Trip, she also joked that she's quite happy to "hand children back" to their parents instead of having her own.

What has Anne Hegerty said about her love life?

Anne Hegerty often speaks candidly and frankly about her love life and the struggles she faces in relationships as a person living with autism.

Speaking with The Guardian in 2021, Anne said, “I think the problem is I find it really difficult to fall in love with real people. I’ve thought: am I in love with this guy? And then we kind of get together and I think: damn it, no, oh dear.”

Appearing on Loose Women in January 2022, Anne broke down the traits she looks for in a man, chatting with the hosts about her ideal partner. She told viewers, “It would have to be someone who was intelligent of facts and reading books. It might not be a problem if he wasn’t necessarily into quizzing as long as he understood I was into quizzing.”

Meanwhile, discussing her fan base on the talk show, Anne gently shut down any rumours that she is a lesbian, revealing, “Most of my fans are older women and I think some of them are hoping that I’m a lesbian. I have to sort of let them down gently.”