18 baby Halloween costumes to buy online for trick-or-treating

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  • Baby Halloween costumes are definitely one of the cutest parts of the holiday and we’ve got all the ideas you need to pull off a winning look. 

    While you might think Halloween costumes for kids need to be classically spooky – bats and devils etc – and they certainly can be, you can also update the Halloween guidebook and go for outfits based on your favourite Halloween movies for kids and adults or even food and drink items. As well as keeping the little ones warm if you’re out trick-or-treating, these costumes are comfortable and snug.

    Suitable for ages up to 24 months, these are the best baby Halloween costumes we’ve found to buy online this year.

    These are the best baby Halloween costumes for 2021…

    1. Pumpkin baby Halloween costume

    Lines of painted pumpkins and carved squashes line streets when it comes to Halloween night. So why not get in the spooky spirit with this adorable baby pumpkin costume? It’s a traditional nod to the day without being too much to organise as you can pick up a costume straight from Amazon, available in sizes up to 24 months.

    2. Batman baby Halloween costume

    How cute is baby Batman? Turn your toddler into a superhero with this outfit, which you can easily make from home using some black and yellow felt, a grey onesie and a black cape from Amazon. Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made Batman babygrow for all those crimefighters aged up to 24 months.

    3. Baby bear Halloween costume

    When it comes to Halloween costumes for kids, animals are an easy go-to. They’re not scary so you won’t have to worry about them catching a glimpse of themselves in the mirror and they’re very, very cute. We love this bear costume, ideal for babies who love a cuddly toy themselves.

    We couldn’t find this exact one online but there’s a very similar one for sale on Not On The High Street.

    4. Spider baby Halloween costume

    Want something a little more classic for Halloween? This cute spider costume is an easy win. You can make it from home using a simple black all-in-one and some old pairs of black tights, stuffed with material – or buy one online.

    Spider baby Halloween costume

    A spider Halloween costume is a staple of the season, Credit: Getty.

    5. Up! baby Halloween costume

    There’s no way people aren’t immediately knowing who this iconic outfit symbolises. Complete with the oversized glasses, cute bow-tie and colourful balloons, fans of the Disney movie Up! will love this inspired costume.

    6. Harry Potter baby Halloween costume

    Harry Potter is a staple when it comes to dressing kids up at any of the the year – but particularly Halloween. Make your own from home or pick up this Warner Brothers certified baby Harry Potter costume from Amazon. Want something a little more low key? For babies aged up to 36 months, there’s a Snuggle This Muggle babygrow also available and ideal if you’re planning a magical family Halloween costume.

    7. Devil baby Halloween costume

    This costume is sure to crack a few smiles if you have a baby who’s prone to a few naughty spells. It’s another one you can make at home too, using a red babygrow and a black Sharpie or you can pick up a baby’s devil costume online.

    Devil baby Halloween costume

    Credit: Getty

    8. Diver baby Halloween costume

    If your baby has just taken their first dip in the pool, level things up with this homemade diver Halloween costume. All you’ll need is a black babygrow, some old 1 litre water bottles papier mâchéd and painted and a trusty pair of goggles to make this unique outfit.

    9. Baby shark Halloween costume

    If your baby was obsessed with the baby shark song then this Halloween costume is a sure win. Dress them up as a baby shark themselves with this costume from Amazon and watch them crawl around as their favourite character.

    Baby shark Halloween costume

    Credit: Getty

    10. Ghostbusters baby Halloween costume

    If you want something a little more spooky but nothing too scary then this adorable Ghostbusters costume is definitely one for your baby.

    11. Ghost baby Halloween costume

    Where there’s a Ghostbuster you’ll need a ghost! This cute outfit is so easy to make from home with just a white babygrow and a black marker. If you’ve got twins, turn this duo into a couples Halloween costume for your two babies.

    12. Subway baby Halloween costume

    In need for a last minute idea you can pull together quickly? Nip down to your local Subway and pick up some of these iconic wrappers for an easy costume everyone will recognise instantly.

    13. Sushi baby Halloween costume

    Staying within the theme of food, this is another adorable costume you can make from home. Take an old babygrow and draw a fish on it with an orange Sharpie, cover with a strap of black felt and flourish with some green material for the full look.

    14. Mermaid baby Halloween costume

    If under the sea is your theme, then this baby Halloween costume is sure to be a winner. A great one especially if they’re not walking yet as their legs can stay tucked up, nice and warm in the mermaid tale. Make your own from home or pick up this cute one-piece from Amazon, suitable for those up to 18 months.

    15. Skeleton baby Halloween costume

    Another classic Halloween costume but hey, traditions are traditions for a reason. This one from Asda isn’t only adorable but is a nod to why we celebrate Halloween in the first place, a story stretching back a few thousand years.

    Skeleton baby Halloween costume

    Credit: Asda

    16. Avocado baby Halloween costume

    Want a super unique baby costume for Halloween? Take a look at this avocado costume, it’s certainly not one everyone will be going for! As well as being a colourful costume, it’s perfect for keeping little ones warm if you’re going out and about on Halloween.

    17. Monsters Inc. baby Halloween costume

    Monsters Inc. baby Halloween costume

    Credit: Amazon

    Straight from Monsters Inc. is this adorable Mike Wazowski babygrow. Complete with a horned hat and his iconic one eye, this is a great costume is you’re planning a family Halloween costume as parents can go as Sully and Boo from the movie.

    18. Bat baby Halloween costume

    Bats are another Halloween staple for baby costumes, a little bit spooky rather than scary, it’s a cute costume that works for whatever you’re doing on the big night. Pick up one with quick delivery from Amazon this week. They also have another version in purple, great for babies up to 2 years old.

    Happy Halloween!