15 brilliant baby Halloween costumes for before they learn to say no

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  • Every Halloween is exciting when you've got kids, but we have to be honest - we think the best one might just be when they're babies.

    Sure, kids’ Halloween costumes can be pretty heartwarming, but nothing’s ever quite as cute as the under-ones in their Halloween finery, mainly because they can’t say no to whatever crazy costume you come up with. The only challenge comes with deciding which one to pick!

    Some get-ups feel a little overdone, so if you’re bored of witches and fed up with werewolves, and can’t bring yourself to drape them in a white sheet and call it a ghost, you need to think outside of the (dressing up) box. That’s where this collection comes in.

    Here are 15 super-creative baby costume ideas that’ll make sure their first Halloween trick-or-treating bucket is the fullest EVER… hands up who’s doing a baby shark this year! Though on second thoughts, don’t know if we can deal with any more ‘doo doo doo doo doo doo’!

    1. Use the film Up for inspiration and you’re bound to get some fans of your babies costume.

    2. Could there be anything sweeter than a baby gumball machine?

    3. Harry Potter is an easy but effective choice (don’t forget the scar!)

    4. There’s more than just Harry himself to choose from if you’re going Potter-mad for Halloween, like this adorable Dobby

    5. And as this baby proves, sidekicks can be as cute as the hero

    6. The fact that he’s still small enough to fit in the fruit bowl is just heart-melting!

    7. Got a water baby? Turn them into a scuba diver (they can wear a dummy and still be in costume!)

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    8. Of course, a shark is an equally snappy choice

    9. Get creative with a black babygro and white fabric paint for a DIY skeleton look

    10. Ghostbusters fans, this one’s for you

    11. Wrap your baby up in Subway wrappers and hey presto – an instant costume for you too!

    12. Staying with the food theme, you could go for sushi…

    13. Or if you want them to save the world rather than Hogwarts, a hero outfit is a must

    14. This mermaid costume works even if they’re not sitting up yet

    15. The choice is yours, but if all else fails, you can’t go wrong with a classic – cos a bundle of baby dressed as a pumpkin will never ever ever get old.


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