20 of the best Halloween costumes for kids 2022

These Halloween costume ideas are truly wicked!

Halloween costumes for kids 2022: a collage of the best
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When it comes to Halloween costumes for kids, there are so many options from scary skeletons to wicked witches and more.

While many people choose to make outfits as one of the many Halloween crafts for kids you can get stuck into over the autumn season, sometimes it's just easier to buy a costume online. As well as super easy, often-next-day delivery, there's always so much more choice when picking out a costume online. Of course, traditional monster costumes are still the most popular designs but we reckon that newer costume ideas, inspired by kids' films and television shows, will be among the top choices this year.

So whether you're planning on a family Halloween costume for a seasonal party, or need some Halloween costume ideas for babies to compliment your couples Halloween costume, these are the kids' Halloween costumes that we're loving this year. 

'Here's a tip for choosing the best Halloween costumes for kids,' adds Goodto.com Consumer Editor Heidi Scrimgeour. 'To get the best value for money, pick something that fits the spooky Halloween theme but which your child will be happy to wear again and again. A Hogwarts cloak is the perfect example - it fits the brief for fitting in at the Halloween disco at school or for trick-or-treating with friends but your child can also get hours of dressing-up fun from it all year round, instead of it costume languishing at the back of the wardrobe until next Halloween when it probably won't fit.'

She adds: 'Factor in that not all kids like dressing up, especially not as something spooky. This fancy dress mask (£5.99, H&M) is a good alternative, or this Halloween-themed top (£2.99, H&M)is a good idea for kids who don't like the idea of Halloween costumes - my daughter will be rocking an orange hoodie adorned with pumpkins that we found it H&M.'

Best Halloween costumes for kids 2022

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Spiderman costume

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1. Spiderman costume - View at Amazon

RRP: £24.99 | Delivery: Next day/Standard | Sizes available: 3-10 years

Summer 2022 saw the hugely popular Spiderman: No Way Home hit streaming services, so it's no surprise that Spiderman costumes are a hit for this Halloween. This costume includes a red and blue printed muscle chest jumpsuit and a matching red fabric mask with white mesh eyes, so your little one can enjoy a head-to-toe Halloween dress up this year.

Captain America costume

(Image credit: Matalan)

2. Captain America costume - View at Matalan

 RRP: £18.50 | Delivery: Next day/Standard | Sizes available: 4-9 years 

Captain America is another classic Marvel character, a franchise which has this year brought out the highly anticipated Thor: Love and Thunder and Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.  Any child invested in the adventures of these super heroes will love one of the Marvel-inspired costumes, and while we've picked out the Captain America option, kids can also choose from Iron Man, Black Panther and many others on the Matalan website. 

Pumpkin costume

(Image credit: Amazon)

3. Pumpkin costume - View at Amazon

 RRP: £10.99 | Delivery: Next day/Standard | Sizes available: 0 months - 3 years

This pumpkin costume is a real Halloween classic! If your kids love going pumpkin picking, it's definitely the one to go for - not scary but just spooky enough to fit in with the seasonal theme. The one we've picked out is ideal for babies up to one year old but you can buy pumpkin costumes for older children from Amazon too. And of course a pumpkin is a great pregnant Halloween costume idea for expectant mums too.  

Catwoman costume

(Image credit: Very)

4. Catwoman costume - View at Very

RRP: £23.99 | Delivery: Standard | Sizes available: 3-10 years

For all fans of superheroes, cat woman should certainly be on the list of Halloween costume ideas. This costume from Very is the complete set, including the iconic black jumpsuit, boot tops, belt, eye mask and a headpiece with cat ears attached. For sizing references, age 3 to 4 is a small, age 5 to 7 is a medium and large is for those 8 to 10 years old. 

Buzz Lightyear costume

(Image credit: Argos)

5. Buzz Lightyear Costume - View at Argos

RRP: £15.00 | Delivery: Next day/Standard | Sizes available: 2-10 years

Another costume inspired by this year's best kids movies,  Buzz Lightyear is back in popular demand following the release of Disney's Lightyear. This costume includes a Buzz Lightyear all-in-one with padded details and one touch fastenings to the back, a pair of removable soft wings that one-touch fasten to the back of the outfit, and a matching Buzz mask to finish the look.

Harry Potter costume

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6. Harry Potter costume - View at Matalan

RRP: £18.50 | Delivery: Next day/Standard | Sizes available: 5-12 years 

Harry Potter has become a staple of the kids' Halloween costume ideas list over the years. Practical and easily recognisable, all you need is the iconic black cape and badge, wand and black round glasses to transform into the boy wizard himself. It's also a great family or group costume to try out, with others going as Ron and Hermione to complete the trio. 


(Image credit: Amazon)

7. Spider costume - View at Amazon

 RRP: £15.99 | Delivery: Next day/Standard | Sizes available: 0 months - 5 years 

For a creepy crawly yet surprisingly cute costume, go for this spider outfit from Amazon. It includes this jumpsuit with attached shoes, a hood and four detachable legs. 

Baby Yoda

(Image credit: Amazon)

8. Baby Yoda costume - View at Amazon

RRP: £19.41 | Delivery: Standard | Sizes available: 0 months - 9 years 

Baby Yoda, aka The Child, captured hearts as soon as they appeared on screens last in Disney +'s The Mandalorian. This costume is simple but effective, featuring a Baby Yoda hat and cape, for a Halloween costume that is definitely all treat.

Ghostbusters costume

(Image credit: Very)

9. Ghostbusters costume - View at Very

RRP: £31.99 | Delivery: Standard | Sizes available: 4-12 years 

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Enter the world of ghosts and ghouls as one of the eccentric parapsychologists from the Ghostbusters film. And with the classic 80s hit enjoying a resurgence following the release of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, now's as good a time as any. This jumpsuit costume from Very comes with an inflatable backpack too.

Mary Poppins costume

(Image credit: Amazon)

10. Mary Poppins costume - View at Amazon

RRP: £21.99 | Delivery: Next day/Standard | Sizes available: 3-12 years 

This Mary Poppins costume is truly magical! The set includes a hat, blue dress, bow tie and ruffled collar for a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Halloween idea. While it's a popular costume idea for World Book Day, we reckon this would be a great one for Halloween too. 

Minions costume

(Image credit: Argos)

11. Minions costume - View at Argos

RRP: £14.00 | Delivery: Next day/Standard | Sizes available: 1-10 years 

In 2022 it felt like minions took over the world after the release of Minions: The Rise of Gru, and their popularity is unlikely to wane now that Despicable Me 4  has been confirmed for 2024. Get in on the action with this easy costume from Argos, suitable for kids of all ages.

Cruella De Vil costume

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12. Cruella De Vil costume - View at Tu

 RRP: £15.00 | Delivery: Next day/Named day/Standard | Sizes available: 3 - 10 years 

The new Cruella film starring Emma Stone had tails wagging last year and now's the chance for your child to dress up as the film's super villain herself. This costume from Tu includes the recognisable red, white and black dress and a monochromatic wig.

Elsa costume

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13. Frozen Elsa costume - View at H&M

RRP: £18.99 | Delivery: Standard | Sizes available: 2-10 years 

 Elsa is another modern Halloween staple! The two Frozen films have had kids hooked for years now and this is their chance to live out the Elsa fantasy. This set from H&M has all the glittery embellishments and a subtle snowflake print - a definite favourite on the list of Halloween costumes for kids. If you've got a pair of kids heading off trick or treating this year, try this Anna costume from Argos and the two of them can go together as the sisters from the movies.

Witch costume

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14. Witch costume - View at Matalan

RRP: £14.00 | Delivery: Next day/Standard | Sizes available: 1 - 9 years

Witches have been a Halloween staple since the dawn of trick or treating, and after The Witches starring Anne Hathaway was released in 2020 - based on the Roald Dahl book of the same name - they're all the more popular. With this dazzling costume from Matalan, kids can get their spook on in a colourful neon style dress. 

Dinosaur costume

(Image credit: John Lewis)

15. Dinosaur costume - View at John Lewis

RRP: £25.00 | Delivery: Next day/Named day/Standard | Sizes available: 3 - 4 years 

This adorable dinosaur costume makes the perfect Halloween dress up for dino obsessed kids. The costume features a red and orange plush jumpsuit with a golden belly and yellow fabric claws. With an attached tail covered in fabric plates, the 'clawed' gloves and a plush dino head hood will give them a tricera-top look wherever they're scaring people!

Mermaid costumes

(Image credit: Matalan)

16. Mermaid costume - View at Matalan

RRP: £16.50 | Delivery: Next day/Standard | Sizes available: 4-9 years 

 This Princess Ariel costume is styled with beautiful glitter and sequin embellishments for a sparkly, luxurious appearance, and finished with a matching headband for great coordination. Perfect for princess parties and dress-up play all year round, you'll get plenty of use out of this Halloween costume.

Ghost costume

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17. Ghost costume - View at Amazon

RRP: £16.57 | Delivery: Next day/Standard | Sizes available: One size 

 Ghosts are one of the simplest Halloween costumes out there and sure, you could just use an old sheet, but this Halloween costume will save time and effort and look equally as spooky. It's already complete with large black eye and mouth holes and particularly great for younger kids as it's easy to take on and off - and one size fits all too.

Pikachu costume

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 18. Pokemon Pikachu costume - View at John Lewis

RRP: £22.00 | Delivery: Next day/Named day/Standard | Sizes available: 4-8 years

This Pokémon Halloween costume is a great idea for kids this autumn. Straight from the franchise, fans will know exactly who this yellow creature is. The costume is a onesie, so it's easy to pull on and off and still suitable to wear around the house when spooky season is over. 

Pirate costume

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19. Pirate costume - View at Amazon

RRP: £14.00 | Delivery: Next day/Standard | Sizes available: 3 - 8 years 

Another Halloween classic, we couldn't leave the pirate costume off this list. This set comes with all the trimmings, complete with a jumpsuit including a vest and belt and a pirate hat, making this Halloween staple as easy to pull off as it can be.

Frankenstein costume

(Image credit: Tu)

20. Frankenstein costume - View at Tu

RRP: £13.00 | Delivery: Next day/Named day/Standard | Sizes available: 3-12 years 

Frankenstein' monster is another Halloween classic, but there's no need for green face paint or screws in this get up as the mask comes included, along with the top and trousers featuring chain detail and hologram panels. For babies, Tu also has a Frankenstein sleepsuit suitable for children aged 0-24 months.

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