18 Halloween costumes for kids

Whether you're dressing up your kids, yourself or with your partner, these Halloween costume ideas are truly wicked!

Kids Halloween costume ideas

There are so many options when it comes to Halloween costumes for kids, from scary skeletons to wicked witches and more.

While many people choose to make outfits as one of the many Halloween crafts for kids (opens in new tab) you can get stuck into over the autumn season, sometimes it's just easier to buy a costume online. As well as super easy, often-next-day delivery, there's always so much more choice when picking out a costume online. Of course traditional monster costumes are still the most popular designs but we reckon that newer costume ideas, inspired by kids' films and television shows, will be among the top choices this year.

So whether you're planning an all-out party with exciting Halloween food ideas (opens in new tab) or just setting up for an evening of Halloween movies for kids and adults (opens in new tab) on the sofa, these are the Halloween costumes for kids that we're loving this year.

Halloween costumes for kids

Kids Captain America Halloween costume idea

Credit: Matalan

1. Captain America costume

Sizes available: 3 - 9 years | Price: £16

WandaVision, Black Widow, Falcon and the Winter Solider are just three of the amazing Marvel films coming out this year. Any child invested in the adventures of these super heroes will love one of these amazing inspired costumes from the films! While we've picked out the classic Captain America option, kids can choose from Iron Man (opens in new tab), Spider Man (opens in new tab), Black Panther (opens in new tab) and many others on the Matalan website.

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A pumpkin costume, one of the best kids halloween costume ideas

Credit: Getty

2. Pumpkin costume

Sizes available: Up to 24 months | Price: Up to £11.99, dependant on size

This pumpkin costume is a real Halloween classic! If your kids love going pumpkin picking (opens in new tab), it's definitely the one to go for. Not scary but just spooky enough to fit in with the seasonal theme. The one we've picked out is ideal for babies up to one year old but you can buy pumpkin costumes for older children (opens in new tab) from Amazon too. And of course a pumpkin is also a great pregnant Halloween costume idea (opens in new tab) for showcasing any incoming children.

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Catwoman Halloween costume for kids

Credit: Very

3. Catwoman costume for kids

Sizes available: small to large | Price: £21.99

For all fans of superheroes, cat woman should certainly be on the list of Halloween costume ideas. This set includes the iconic black jumpsuit, boot tops, belt, eye mask and a headpiece with cat ears attached. For sizing references, age 3 to 4 is a small, age 5 to 7 is a medium and large is for those 8 to 10 years old.

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Kids Harry Potter Halloween costume

Credit: Argos

4. Harry Potter costume

Sizes available: 3 - 12 years | Price: £20

Harry Potter has become a staple of the kids' Halloween costume ideas list over the years. Practical and easily recognisable, all you need is the iconic black cape and badge, wand and black round glasses to transform into the boy wizard himself. You could even add this to the list of family Halloween costumes (opens in new tab) to try out, with other family members going as Ron and Hermione to complete the trio.

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Kids spider Halloween costume

Credit: Amazon

5. Spider costume

Sizes available: 3 months - 6 years | Price: £14.99

For a creepy crawly costume, go for this spider outfit from Amazon. It includes this cute jumpsuit with attached shoes, a hood and four detachable legs.

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Kids baby yoda costume

Credit: Amazon

6. Baby Yoda costume

Sizes available: 3 - 12 years | Price: £20

Baby Yoda, aka The Child, captured hearts as soon as they appeared on screens last year. During the lockdown, trick or treating was off the table meaning that many kids lost on dressing up as their new favourite Star Wars character for Halloween. So now's the moment!

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Ghostbusters Halloween costume for kids

Credit: John Lewis

7. Ghostbusters costume

Sizes available: 5 - 7 years | Price: £24.99

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Enter the world of ghosts and ghouls as one of the eccentric parapsychologists from the Ghostbusters film.

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Mary Poppins Matalan Halloween costume for kids

Credit: Matalan

8. Mary Poppins costume

Sizes available: 4 - 9 years | Price: £16

This Mary Poppins costume is truly magical! The set includes this wonderful blue dress with its shiny glitter print, a matching headband and a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious print to the skirt. While it's a popular costume idea for World Book Day (opens in new tab), we reckon this would be a great one for Halloween too.

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Kids Cruella Devil halloween costume

Credit: Etsy

9. Cruella Devil costume

Sizes available: 0 years - adult | Price: £16.53 plus, depending on size

The new Cruella Devil film starring Emma Stone had tails wagging this year and now's the chance for your child to dress up as the film's super villain herself. This costume from Etsy includes the lush cape, either underlined or lined in the classic Dalmatian print.

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Frozen Elsa costume

Credit: Amazon

10. Frozen Elsa costume

Sizes available: 2 - 8 years | Price: £11.89 - £14.44, depending on size

Elsa is another modern Halloween staple! The two films have had kids hooked for years now and this is their chance to live out the Elsa fantasy. This set from Amazon comes with the blue dress, gloves, tiara, wand, earrings, ring and that iconic blonde Elsa braid. A definite favourite on the list of Halloween costumes for kids.

Looking for Halloween couples costumes (opens in new tab) for two children? You can also pick up an Anna costume from Argos (opens in new tab) and the two of them can go together as the sisters from the movies.

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Kids witches halloween costume

Credit: Argos

11. Witch costume

Sizes available: 3 - 10 years | Price: £9

The Witches film which came out this year has been a real favourite of kids around the world! Starring Anne Hathaway, it's certainly a great Halloween movie. Now with this dazzling costume from Argos, kids can recreate their favourite scenes from the film. This set includes the black and silver cape and hat.

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12. Dinosaur skeleton costume

Dinosaur skeleton costume

Credit: Asda

Sizes available: 1 - 6 years | Price: £12

This dinosaur skeleton costume is so cute! Perfect for kids aged between one and six years old who want something to celebrate the occasion, without being too scary or spooky.

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Mermaid halloween costume

Credit: Argos

13. Mermaid costume

Sizes available: 3 - 10 years | Price: £15

This Disney Princess Ariel costume includes a lilac bodice covered in sequins and tulle and a portrait of Ariel inside an oyster shell. It's the perfect costume for those who love the Disney Princess collection and want to ride the wave into Halloween with something special.

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Ghost costume for kids

Credit: Amazon

14. Ghost costume

Sizes available: One size | Price: £12.99

Ghosts are one of the simplest Halloween costumes out there but navigating your own way around an old sheet can sometimes be quite a lot of effort - especially at last minute. This is where this Halloween costume is a great pick. It's already complete with large black eye and mouth holes and particularly great for younger kids as it's easy to take on and off.

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Girls' devil costume for Halloween

Credit: Asda

15. Devil costume

Sizes available: 7 - 12 years | Price: £5

For a budget Halloween costume, Asda is the place to go! This devil costume is a 2-piece set, containing a tutu and headband with devil horns on them. It's a great costume if you just need a quick go-to option for a party or school day.

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Pokemon Halloween costume

Credit: H&M

16. Pokémon - Pikachu costume

Sizes available: 3 - 8 years | Price: £17.99

This Pokémon Halloween costume is a great idea for kids this autumn. Straight from the franchise, fans will know exactly who this yellow creature is. The costume is a onesie, so it's easy to pull on and off and still suitable to wear around the house when spooky season is over.

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Peppa Pig pirate john lewis costume

Credit: John Lewis

17. Pirate costume

Sizes available: 3 - 4 years | Price: £14.99

This adorable Peppa Pig-inspired Halloween costume is ideal for fans of the show. This George Pirate costume comes with the exciting, colourful printed top, waistcoat, matching trousers, pirate hat and 3D parrot.

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Frankenstein Halloween costume

Credit: Very

18. Frankenstein Halloween costume

Sizes available: 3 - 6 years | Price: £11.99

Now on sale, down from £13.99, this simple pull-on Halloween costume is perfect for kids who need a quick outfit for a school party. Frankenstein is another Halloween classic but there's no need for green face paint or screws in this get up as they're all included in the tabbard. Just make sure they were some simple black clothing underneath to truly complete the look.

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Which one will you pick?

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