Best baby bath toys: A roundup of the best products

Make bath time fun for you and your little one
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  • Bath time is a key part of any baby or toddler's routine and toys can make it all the more enjoyable.

    So, whether your child is just a few months old or is a little older and more engaged with toys, we’ve rounded up some of the best on the market for different ages. From bath books and boats to water dispensers and wind up animals, our selection of toys covers all bases.

    However, baby bath toys are not only fun but they also offer number of psychological benefits. Dr. Amanda Gummer, a child development expert and psychologist, explains how they can help babies develop in a plethora of ways…

    Do babies need bath toys?

    Bath toys can be a great way to help with visual and spatial development, as well as water confidence.

    Dr. Amanda Gummer says, ‘Bath time with young children is a lovely bonding opportunity. The safety aspect means that it’s automatically a great chance for some quality parent-child time. Bath toys can help parents feel more confident in playing with their children and can promote all sorts of development.

    ‘Boats can form the props for a high seas adventure, toys with numbers, shapes and colours can be a fun way of including some school learning and fish or other sea creatures can help children think about the underwater world and gain water confidence.’

    Are battery-operated bath toys safe?

    Dr. Amanda Gummer adds, ‘Bath toys should have the same safety certification as other toys so do look for the CE stamp or Lionmark. Children do put things in their mouths in the bath so choking is something to watch for – avoid things with small parts for young babies. The other major safety concern is the mould that can grow in water toys, so regular cleaning is essential.’

    Most bath toys have recommended ages on the packaging.

    boy playing with baby bath toys

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    Of course, bath time can get messy, so you don’t want toys adding to the clean-up operation, too. We’ve included bath crayons on our baby bath toy list, but there’s no need to panic…

    What are bath crayons and will they damage your bathroom?

    Fear not, bath crayons have been designed with parents in mind. Most are water soluble which means they are easy to wipe clean off the side of the tub or tiles on the wall. However, they shouldn’t be used on porous surfaces, like grout, or older showers as they may stain the surfaces.

    They are also perfectly safe for children. The ones in our selection are made from New Zealand beeswax and soy wax.

    Check out our roundup of brilliant baby bath toys below…