Baby shower gifts 2022 - 50 of the best as recommended by parents

Baby shower gifts can be tricky to find, let us help...

baby shower gifts illustrated by Collage of best buys

Baby shower gifts can be tricky to find; your friend is pregnant and you want your gift to go into the 'gifting hall of fame'. Here's where we come in...

This type of gifting is on a whole new level, choosing from baby shower gift ideas is different from any other gift buying you may have done. This time you’re thoughtfully picking items that will be useful, help to make family memories, or maybe teach a baby to love music. Ultimately the gift you choose should make the new parent happy, relaxed, and/or free of stress. Plus baby buys are constantly changing and improving - it can be a real challenge. We talk to various mums and dads about which gift they remember/use/liked the most and which - if any - they went on to gift themselves to new parents.

Consumer Editor at, Heidi Scrimgeour (opens in new tab) says; "Buying a baby shower gift can be a minefield; do you go with a gift specifically for a pregnant mum, a new baby gift or some kind of post-baby treat that she can use on the other side? The answer really depends on the mum in question. If she's a skincare queen, go for pampering treats. If motherhood is a huge lifestyle change go for something personalised that she can treasure after the baby arrives. And if she's already a busy mum, treat her to something to help her take care of herself post-baby."

Baby Shower Gifts

1. Tuppence and Crumble Star Baby Wrap Lavender

purple baby wrap in a star shape with white trim as part of best baby shower gifts

Credit: Amazon

As baby shower gift ideas go this is a great choice. It's so easy to use, this star blanket has no zips or poppers and is suitable for use from birth. They're machine washable and a huge hit for most parents, no fussing with poppers or trying to get teeny newborn arms into sleeves.

Teacher Charlotte, who lives in the West Midlands, loved the Star wrap fleece she was bought as a gift. So much so, she’s used it now for both her babies: ‘I got so many great baby shower gifts but these are amazing. I use them all through the year. They’re especially great for the car as you can’t put your child in a car seat in a bulky coat, so instead I wrap them up warm in this.’

VIEW AT AMAZON | £22.95 (opens in new tab)

2. Hayley & Co Little Animal Dribble Bib

Hayley & Co Little Animal Dribble Bib

Credit: Not on the High Street

There really are two types of best baby shower gifts, one for mum and one for baby. But these adorable unisex dribble bibs will come in handy for any new mum around the 4-6 month 'teething' mark. The cotton pieces come in various different designs including a fox, fish and cat. Dribbling never looked so cute and as mum-of-two Amy told us: "Like muslins, you can never have enough dribble bibs - they make the best baby shower gifts! Plus they brighten up a neutral outfit. I treated them as ties on my little one - they 'added interest' to an otherwise meh look."

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3. Corkcicle Origins Coffee Mug

black mug with handle


As best baby shower gifts go this is the holy grail of parenting gifts. Mum-of-two Lucy from Telford tells us; “I listened to all my other new mum friends complain about microwaving their coffee every day. But I couldn't join in, as my friend had bought this for me as a baby shower gift. My coffee stayed hot for hours! And, great news, it can hold one Starbucks Grande latte.”

As gifts for new mums go, this has over 110 reviews on Amazon which have led to a 4.5 out of star rating. The triple insulated mug, while not designed for travelling, is perfect to keep your drink hot while you’re distracted… with a new baby.

VIEW AT AMAZON | £30 (opens in new tab)

4. bbhugme Organic Non-Toxic Pregnancy Body Pillow

bbhugme Organic Non-Toxic Pregnancy Body Pillow

Credit: Amazon

One of the best baby shower gift ideas - it's a bit of a cult buy among mums. This pillow was designed by a chiropractor, so you can rest assured it’s been made with comfort in mind. While many might see it as a breastfeeding pillow, this is also an amazing buy for the last few months of pregnancy when the bump is heavy and even laying on your side is a pain. Abbie from Cornwall loved the friend who gave this at her baby shower; "It’s genuinely amazing and worth every penny. I use it even now my child is four - it's comfy to sit back on when scrolling my phone before bed."

Plus, GoodtoKnow consumer editor, Heidi Scrimgeour (opens in new tab), says: "We’re huge fans of this stylish, versatile nursing pillow. It ticks so many boxes – it’s eco-friendly, you can adjust the firmness, and the cover is machine washable. If you’ve had a c-section, this is definitely the nursing pillow you need."

VIEW AT AMAZON | £145 (opens in new tab)

5. aden + anais 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddles - Pack of 4

Three muslins and a baby asleep in a bouncer

Credit: Aden and anais / Future

As best baby shower gifts go a muslin cloth is a fail-safe that’s bound to get lots of use and based on feedback we got from mums, aden + anais is one of people’s favourite muslin brands for silky-soft cloths in gorgeous patterns.

We asked mum-of-one Steph which was a stand out gift for her and she was adamant these gorgeous, good quality muslin cloths proved to be the best baby shower gift she received – and one of the most used! "You just use them for literally everything and need one to hand at all times." she says.

"The extra large ones were the best, we used them for swaddling, burping, covering the fancy-pants baby bouncer so the coconut oil you've just slathered on baby's head for cradle cap doesn't stain, and as a scarf when I didn't realise how cold it was - the possibilities are really endless. My son still sleeps with his now and I'm so grateful I have four versions of the same one!’

VIEW AT AMAZON | £38.20 (opens in new tab)

6. Tommee Tippee Groegg USB Thermometer

Tommee Tippee Groegg USB Thermometer

Credit: Boots

This room thermometer is designed to help maintain the perfect sleep environment - between 16-20 degrees Celsius according to the NHS (opens in new tab) - for babies. It subtly notifies parents by changing colour as to whether the temperature in a room is too low, too high or just right.

Dad-of-two Lee loves this clever gadget, "We used it every night when our son was in our room for the first 6 months. Trying to keep a room temperature just right for a brand new baby is a pressure I knew I wasn't good under, so this really helped! Though I did feel trolled by it throughout the heatwave when it just stayed bright red. There was literally nothing we could do, we were all sleeping on the sun's surface."

VIEW AT BOOTS | £24.99 (opens in new tab)

7. Tilly & B Bespoke Baby Gift Keepsake Box New Mum And Newborn Gift

TILLY & B Bespoke Baby Gift Keepsake Box New Mum And Newborn Gift

Credit: Not on the High Street

Not On The High Street always delivers on the bespoke goods and this DIY baby hamper proves so. Customers can select the products they think will make the perfect gift for their recipient. There are a number of items to choose from, including a knitted bunny rattle, a swaddling muslin (in various colours), knitted booties, milestone cards, woodland wardrobe dividers, a 100% cotton white hooded baby towel, dribble bib, a bunny teether, a wooden teething ring and more.

New mum Hannah tells us that 'it was the most gorgeous gift' she received at her baby shower - so much so she now gifts them to other mums-to-be!

VIEW AT NOTHS | £55 (opens in new tab)

8. Wiltshire Farm Foods

Wiltshire Farm Foods

Credit: Wiltshire Farm Foods

The best thing Olivia from London received as a gift? Help with remembering to actually eat a meal on all the days you’re trying to function on chocolate biscuits, coffee and very little sleep: "As best baby shower gifts go this was one of the best things I received; a week's worth of frozen meals - an actual God send for when I had no time to think let alone actually shop, prep and cook! I was existing otherwise on food I could eat one handed."

Wiltshire Farm Foods deliver delicious starters, mains and puds and hundreds of varied menu options whatever their taste. Build your own package or choose a pre-prepared bundle.

VIEW AT WILTSHIRE FARM FOODS | Meals start from £3.49pp (opens in new tab)

9. The Gro Company Ollie The Owl Grosnug 2-in-1 Swaddle and Newborn Grobag

The Gro Company Ollie The Owl Grosnug 2-in-1 Swaddle and Newborn Grobag

Credit: Amazon

As best baby shower gifts go, this is a great gift for a bit further down the line as baby grows. Temperature is a big deal to babies and they won't hesitate to let you know if they're too hot or too cold. This is why Grobags are a brilliant invention as they're like a wearable blanket. The baby is secured inside the bag with either a zip or poppers so they can't slip under the covers or kick them off and they can still move around comfortably.

They've also won lots of awards and work with the FSID (the UK's leading cot death research charity) to ensure they're as safe as possible and come in different togs (warmth). Suitable from birth as long as the baby weighs 8lb 8oz. Prices vary depending on the size, tog and design.

Mum-of-two, Dee says her friend earned a few brownie points with this: "A fellow mum-friend gave us a Grobag at my baby shower, it was a complete bed time game changer for us. It kept our little one so snug, and as she grew was a great signaller that we were getting ready for bed. I upgraded as she got bigger, and got different sized togs for the seasons. And, when she was standing up her Grobag stopped her getting her leg over the cot and trying to climb out - double whammy winner, as it kept her safe too."

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10. The White Company Hydrocotton Baby Robe

The White Company Hydrocotton Baby Robe

Credit: The White Company

Made from hydrocotton, a pure cotton material, this adorable hooded robe is absorbent and fast drying. Featuring two pockets, because that's just what baby needs. A tiny tie belt and little teddy ears on the hood it’s the perfect thing to wrap up a baby straight out of the bath and give off baby Hugh Heff vibes.

New parent Paul loves it, he tells us: "This is one of the best baby gifts we received because it's a little luxury we probably wouldn't have purchased ourselves."

VIEW AT THE WHITE COMPANY | £28 (opens in new tab)

11. BOBO CHOSES ladybug print sleeveless body

baby vest with ladybird on

Credit: Bobo Chooses

When it comes to buying baby grows always be sure to gift a few months older, new parents are usually completely covered for the first month but as their child grows (fast!) they'll appreciate anything 3 months+ they can turn too. And we adore this print. Again, something parents probably wouldn't buy which is why it makes the best baby shower gift to give.

Mum-of-twins, Lou loves this chic style; "I know it sounds silly but I really didn't realise that babies grow so fast! Keeping on to top of what fits and doesn't is a huge and constant audit and stock take, so I always appreciated the friends who bought bigger, it was a huge help when I was caught short on baby grows that suddenly didn't fit."

This super cute ladybird baby grow was designed by hip Barcelona based children's brand BOBO CHOOSES, it's made of 100% organic cotton, making it both stylish and kind to skin too.

VIEW AT FAR FETCH | £30 (opens in new tab)

12. Tabiger Black and White Baby Cloth Book

three rows of black and white baby books as part of best baby shower roundup

Credit: Amazon

As best baby shower gifts go this is a goodie. Did you know that just after birth, a baby sees only images that are 8-12 inches from their face and in black and white, with shades of gray. As the months go by, they slowly start to develop their colour vision - this happens at around 4 months, according to research by the American Optometric Association (opens in new tab).

Gifting this black and white book will keep the newest addition to your friend's like mesmerised while she can - hopefully - enjoy the basics of a hot shower and a hot coffee.

VIEW AT AMAZON | £7.99 (opens in new tab)

13. Nuby Penguin Tummy Time Pillow

grey tummy time pillow

Credit: Nuby

Tummy time, as your soon-to-be new parent friend will find out, is a huge deal in parenting circles - talked about at length. Tummy time is ultimately about helping baby to strengthen their core and neck muscles and it's positively encouraged by health visitors. But to make it fun for all, babies tend to hate it. So gifting this little bumper buddy might make your friend's life that little bit easier around the four month mark, with bolsters and bumpers.

Mum-of-one Kiran tells us how 'tummy time' was the bane of her early motherhood days; "I still shudder at the phrase tummy time, I'd never heard of. But it's a big deal apparently. And this bumper, which I received as a baby shower gift, worked wonders. My little one loved trying to reach for the toys."

VIEW AT AMAZON | £15 (opens in new tab)

14. Polarn O. Pyret Baby GOTS Organic Cotton Sun Bodysuit

Yellow baby grow

Credit: John Lewis

VIEW AT JOHN LEWIS | £16 (opens in new tab)

This sunshine-bright little babygro is hiding a secret... the super soft and organic cotton, is comfy and clever with fold-down cuffs and an extra row of poppers to give growing room. Meaning, as long as baby doesn't poo-nami and write this one off - your mummy friend will get longer with it.

Mum-of-three, Susie Verrill (opens in new tab) sings this brands praises; "I started shopping with them when Rex was born and I don't think there's ever been something I've bought fro this brand that I haven't been able to hand down. They have an extra layer of poppers so you can tighten or make it loose as baby grows."

15. Pushchair Lambskin Liner

Beige plush pushschair liner

Credit: John Lewis

As best baby shower gifts go this is up there as pure luxe. Now, we know it seems like it won't but this will keep your little one cool in the summer and cosy warm in the winter. It's 100% lambs wool and one of the best budget buys on the market. The ultra soft texture of the Australian Merino lambskin will ensure baby travels in comfort, and it protects your best pram (opens in new tab) from spillages. This is machine washable too.

Though, mum-of-one Emma warns don't be careless; "The rules are pretty strict on the John Lewis site; 'Wash with a specialist lambskin detergent. Leave to dry naturally, out of direct sunlight. Hand or machine wash on a cool cycle- do not exceed 40 degrees. Do not use soap or biological washing powder or fabric conditioner'. Definitely follow this. I ruined my first one but I loved it so much I purchased another. Well worth it."

VIEW AT JOHN LEWIS | £60 (opens in new tab)

16. Braun Thermoscan 7 Age Precision In-Ear thermometer

white digital thermometer

Credit: John Lewis

A true MVP for any parent, this thermometer deserves the 'Most Valuable Player' accolade as it is truly a brilliant buy. Mum-of-one Lisa always gifts it at baby showers; "Thermometers are something I as a new parent, didn't really think about. It's not until you are up at 2am with a screaming baby and panicking about a potential raging temperature that you realise the value of a decent thermometer.  I spent so much on three other cheaper alternatives, when I should have just come to this one - it beat them all."

VIEW AT JOHN LEWIS | £55 (opens in new tab)

17. Shnuggle Baby Bath with Plug

best baby shower gifts illustrated by babies sat in white bathtubs

As best baby shower gifts go this is the practical gift to end all practical gifts. Created by parents, this stylish deep ‘bucket-style’ bath can be used as a standalone or in the bath or in a shower tray. Lasting from birth to 12 months it makes washing your little one a breeze.

Mum-of-two Louise explains how this baby gift doubled up on the day; "I remember vividly that my SIL set this up as my gift at my baby shower filled with ice and bottles of champagne in it. I still chuckle when I think about it. But it was a great gift - I had to use it up on the table as I had a c section but it lasted us a long time."

VIEW AT JOHN LEWIS | £25.95 (opens in new tab)

18. The little Tailor Cotton Pointelle Baby Blanket

Cream blanket with taupe ribbon tying it up in a bow

Credit: John Lewis

A cellular cotton blanket is an ideal choice from baby shower gift ideas. Cellular just means lightwight with holes in it. These allow baby to keep warm but enable air flow and should baby somehow man age to get the blanket over their face, the blanket by design has holes for air to flow.

Mum-of-two Denise was sick of the sight of blankets by the time her baby was born; "We had so many cellular blankets given to us, we kept them as mementos. And the large one we were gifted has become my boys' 'sick blanket'. They love to snuggle in when they feel a little under the weather."

VIEW AT JOHN LEWIS | £35 (opens in new tab)

19. Zip up baby grows

Set of three baby gros

Credit: John Lewis

Again, buy baby grows a few months older than newborn - it will help the future new parents, trust us. And go for zips, like these neutral 100% cotton ones.

Mum-of-one, Saanvi admits; "I lost count the amount of times by child's baby grow outsmarted me at 2am and I'd poppered him up all wrong... it was so soul destroying having to unpop and pop him back up again. Zips all the way!"

VIEW AT JOHN LEWIS | £12.50 (opens in new tab)

20. OXO Tot On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser

white and grey wipes dispenser

Credit: Amazon

As best baby shower gifts go this clever dispenser is a keeper. Using it means wipes on hand for quick access on the go. With a large button for easy, one-handed opening and a silicone tether that securely attaches the dispenser to pram handles or changing bag straps.

Mum-of-one Jen loved this handy travel compact; "Sometimes I didn't need to take the whole changing bag with me, just a nappy and this and we were good to pop to the loos and back again without a whole production. Plus when I had my second it was so handy to have wipes attached to the buggy for when my toddler needed wiping clean on the go."

VIEW AT OXO | £25 (opens in new tab)

21. Lara & Ollie silicone teething bangle

best baby shower gifts illustrated by grey teething bracelet

As best baby shower gifts go this is useful and chic. Your soon-to-be new mum friend will realise that a teething baby will literally chomp on anything to hand. So having a teething-friendly bangle will save a lot of worrying.

Mum-of-one, Kate says; "I wish I'd had one of these. I remember my first born ruined a locket I had on chomping down on it, I had to get the dent knocked out at a jewellers. Now I always gift these or the necklace version (opens in new tab)."

VIEW AT SELFRIDGES | £11 (opens in new tab)

22. Paula Silicone Pacifiers