The best baby shower gifts that new parents really want

From the incredibly practical to the downright adorable!
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  • If you’re invited to a baby shower, it’s good etiquette to bring along a gift for the mum-to-be.

    The best baby shower gifts for expecting parents aren’t always what you might expect. We asked parents themselves what the best baby presents were they ever received. Some of the results are pretty surprising.

    It can be tricky to find the perfect gift for a baby shower. Especially if you don’t have a baby and aren’t sure what they need. You can never have enough of items like kids clothes, bibs and muslins. But there are so many more items that – especially as a first time parent – you really need.

    What is the best gift for a baby shower?

    Everyone is different, but when it comes to what you need for a newborn baby, the essentials are pretty much the same for everyone!

    While cuddly toys, cute clothes and adorably small baby shoes all make lovely baby shower gifts, when talking to mums across the UK we’ve found that actually some of the best gifts you can give a mum-to-be or new parents are the most practical.

    Sure, a week’s worth of frozen meals from Cook won’t be the most beautifully packaged present the new parents will ever receive – but you can bet they’ll be thanking you every night for the gift when it saves them the effort of having to cook dinner and clean up every night whilst their lives have been turned upside down by the arrival of a new bundle of joy!

    It might not be as cute as a baby onesie with animals ears, but you can count on the fact that baby sleep aids will also make a welcome and much-needed gift for any sleep-deprived parent.

    We asked parents themselves what the best baby shower gifts were they ever received. As well as which presents in hindsight they wish they’d been given. So you can ensure that whatever present you buy for new parents will be really appreciated. Plus, hopefully used again and again.

    Prepare to be the purveyor of the best baby shower gifts for years to come…