Best toys for 5 year olds

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  • If you’ve ever shopped for toys for 5 year olds then you know there is a lot of choice out there!

    From play sets to scooters and craft sets to boardgames, it can be difficult to know what toys to pick – especially when they are really showing their personality and starting to display their interests too at this age.

    This is why we’ve rounded up the best toys for 5 year olds for 2020. To help you choose the perfect gift or treat your child to a toy that will keep them entertained for hours. Fingers crossed for a bit of peace and quiet for mum and dad in the process!

    What is a good toy for a 5 year old?

    At the age of 5 children are physically stronger, can run faster, balance on one leg and throw further. They will like toys they can play with outside – when the weather permits. They love to win and be the best – so games with a competitive edge will be appealing. Plus, it’s a great way to help them burn off some of that energy!

    Children of this age will happily spend long periods of time playing with friends. So open-ended toys, that allow for imaginative play, storytelling and creativity are great for just letting kids be kids and play in their own way.

    As well as physical changes, five year olds are going through intellectual and emotional changes too. Plus, they’ve got a big milestone ahead of them – starting school!

    These stages in a child’s development will have an impact on the toys for 5 year olds that they like to play with.

    5 year olds painting pictures

    ‘This is a period of great intellectual growth as your child begins to grasp more abstract ideas, like numbers, time and distance,’ says child psychologist Dr Pat Spungin.

    Some children at the age of five are now ready to start to read. So educational toys or books that help build towards this stage are good. However, it’s important not to pressure your child into learning to read. Don’t push it unless they are interested in learning how.

    ‘It’s important to realise children develop at different speeds both physically and mentally,’ Dr Pat explains.

    At this age children often develop their own interests – like cars, animals, characters, space, dolls or princesses. They may even start to collect things. The best toys for 5 year olds will help encourage this and give them an opportunity to talk about and engage with their new hobby. Whether this is drawing pictures, taking part in activities or playing with toys that relate to their particular interest.

    The best toys for 5 year olds

    Scroll down for our pick of the best toys for 5 year olds. All loved by kids and approved by parents, you’re sure to find something the 5 year old in your life will love!

    LEGO 60226 City Mars Research Shuttle Spaceship

    LEGO City 60226 Mars Research Shuttle

    Age suitability: 5+ years | Batteries required: None | Price: £19.99

    Little ones fascinated by space will be taking off with excitement when they receive this play set by Lego. Featuring two mini astronaut figures with a space research shuttle that has an opening cockpit, the set also comes with a Mars rover for exploring planets in galaxies near and far.


    Personalised Superhero Colour In Cape With Fabric Pens

    Personalised Superhero Colour In Cape With Fabric Pens

    Age suitability: 5+ years | Batteries required: None | Price: £25

    The Super Hero Cape is outlined with a mix of retro superhero and comic strip icons and comes with seven permanent fabric pens allowing kids to go colour crazy and create their own bespoke fancy dress costume.


    VTech 507153 Kidizoom Duo 5.0

    VTech Kidizoom 5.0 Megapixel Duo Children’s Camera with 4GB SD Card

    Age suitability: 5+ years | Batteries required: 4 AA batteries (included) | Price: £33.99

    This kids camera is perfect for budding snappers who are fascinated with photography and are just itching to get their hands on their own camera. Children can take photos and videos and add fun effects, stamps and frames to their snaps and store them all on the 4GB SD Card that’s included with the kit.


    K'Nex 18025 Click and Construct Value Building Set

    K’Nex 18025 Click and Construct Value Building Set

    Age suitability: 5+ years | Batteries required: None | Price: £24.99

    Children will be able to create and build over 35 different models and designs with this K’nex starter kit that includes over 500 different pieces. The models vary in difficulty so kids can start off with simple designs before trying their hand at something a bit more tricky!


    Sloth in a Hurry

    eeBoo Sloth in a Hurry Board Game

    Age suitability: 5+ years | Batteries required: None | Price: £16.99

    This quick-action game gets everyone up, active and laughing. Easy to learn and play, this is a confidence building game that asks children to use their imaginations and act out scenes based on who, what and how.


    Primary Science® Lab SetPrimary Science® Lab Set

    Age suitability: 3 – 7 years | Batteries required: None | Price: £27.76

    Get hands-on with the wonders of chemistry and science using real science laboratory equipment made especially for kids.

    ‘For primary age children the ‘Primary Science® Lab Set’ is perfect for learning scientific investigation skills together at home! It provides lots of different experiment cards so it can be used again and again. The child-friendly lab pieces allow a child to safely and freely explore science,’ Primary School Teacher Joanne Moore says.


    Mammoth Maths

    Orchard Toys Mammoth Maths Game

    Age suitability: 3 – 7 years | Batteries required: None | Price: £12.95

    Great for helping children to practice their numeracy skills, including addition and subtraction, this fun and appealing game can be played with up to four players and is good for both children beginning to get to grips with maths and those who are more confident with numbers.


    PLAYMOBIL City Life 9401 Horse Tack Shop

    Playmobil Horse Tack Shop

    Age suitability: 5 years and up | Batteries required: None | Price: £30

    Feed your child’s interest in the equine world without the cost or commitment associated with buying an actual horse by getting them this play tack shop by Playmobil. The set comes with a horse and range of riding accessories such as tack, grooming kit, rosettes, riding hats, saddles and more.


    Orchard Toys First Times Tables Game

    Orchard Toys First Times Tables Game

    Age suitability: 5 years and up | Batteries required: None | Price: £8.30

    Introduce children to the concept of multiplication with this fun game about pancakes! The elements of the game can be used by parents to help children understand the basics of multiplication and to help them grow in confidence.


    Gibsons Rebel Girls 100 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

    Age suitability: 5 years and up | Batteries required: None | Price: £10.49

    The puzzle is perfect for teaching children about inspirational and empowering role models, including queens, activists, scientists, artists, sporting champions, iconic world leaders and little-known pioneers. The gorgeous bright, vibrant, colourful and imaginative illustrations make a wonderful final picture and kids will love putting the puzzle together with friends or family members.