Cm to inches: Convert centimetres to inches with our easy converter

This super easy inches to cm converter will help you to work out all your measuring woes in a flash - no more confusion!

cm to inches
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This super easy cm to inches converter will help you to work out all your measuring woes in a flash - no more confusion!

Let's face it, there aren't many of us who don't get at least a little confused when it comes converting cm to inches, perhaps when measuring a new piece of furniture or while making clothes and other crafts.

But with our handy inches to cm converter, you'll never be puzzled again.

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If you've been handed an instruction manual with measurements in inches, it's totally understandable if you're left feeling slightly bewildered. The majority of countries, including the UK, use the Metric system, which measures units in metres, rather than in inches.

However in some other countries, particularly in the United States, people will generally quantify things using inches, feet, and pounds. So if you're looking to bridge the gap between the two for whatever reason, our inches to cm converter will be able to help you out in an instant.

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A lot of clothing is often sized in inches too, such as jeans, meaning it could well be useful to convert that measurement into centimetres to get a better understanding of the size of whatever you're looking at.

An inches to cm converter is certainly a useful thing to get your head around - because after all, no one wants to be getting any measurements wrong! That could be disastrous.

So take a look at the below inches to cm converter table to work out what's what. You can also print it out if you want it for reference at home.

 Convert cm to inches

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InchesCentimetres (cm)InchesCentimetre (cm)InchesCentimetres (cm)
1 inch2.54 cm8 inches20.32 cm15 inches38.1 cm
2 inches5.08 cm9 inches22.86 cm16 inches40.64 cm
3 inches7.62 cm10 inches25.4 cm17 inches43.18 cm
4 inches10.16 cm11 inches27.94 cm18 inches45.72 cm
5 inches12.7 cm12 inches30.48 cm19 inches48.26 cm
6 inches15.24 cm13 inches33.02 cm20 inches50.8 cm
7 inches17.78 cm14 inches35.56 cm21 inches53.34 cm
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InchesCentimetres (cm)InchesCentimetres (cm)InchesCentimetres (cm)
22 inches55.8cm29 inches73.6cm36 inches91.4cm
23 inches48.4cm30 inches76.2cm37 inches93.8cm
24 inches60.9cm31 inches78.7cm38 inches96.5cm
25 inches63.5cm32 inches81.2cm39 inches99cm
26 inches66.4cm33 inches83.8cm40 inches101.6cm
27 inches68.5cm34 inches86.3cmRow 6 - Cell 4 Row 6 - Cell 5
28 inches71.1cm35 inches88.9cmRow 7 - Cell 4 Row 7 - Cell 5
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