DIY Mother's Day gifts: 16 homemade presents for mum that kids can make

These easy crafts are sure to make mum feel special this year

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Stuck for inspiration or looking for a last-minute idea? Check out these DIY Mother's Day gifts.

Mother's Day this year falls on Sunday 10 March, so there's still some time to get your gift sorted. While Mother's Day traditions suggest flowers, chocolates and jewelery make some of the best gifts, is there anything more thoughtful than a handmade present? Plus, DIY gifts go perfectly with a homemade Mother's Day card full of the best Mother's Day quotes.

From baking to bath bombs and from earrings to keyrings, there's something to suit every mum, grandma, or whoever else you're celebrating this Mother's Day with our round up of DIY gifts. And the best part about all these crafts is that kids can get involved with them too.

Easy DIY Mother's Day gifts

1. Paper flower bouquet

Making paper flowers is an easy craft that kids can get involved in, all you really need is some coloured paper and a pair of scissors. Cut the flower shapes out of your coloured paper and decorate however you like - you could paint them, add glitter - whatever you want!

To turn them into a bouquet, try fixing the flowers using Scotch tape or glue to a green straw or pipe cleaner. You could even put them in a vase to make this DIY Mother's Day gift extra special. 

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2. Homemade bath bombs

If you're up for something a bit more challenging, try making a bath bomb to give the gift of relaxation to mum next time she goes for a soak. You'll need baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, cornstarch and mum's favourite scented essential oils to try this out.

If that sounds a bit complicated, don't worry - there are plenty of DIY bath bomb kits with all the ingredients and instructions available online.

3. Handmade beaded necklace

Jewellery is always a winner with mums, and is there anything more personal that a necklace her own kids have made? All you need is a selection of pretty beads and some elastic thread for this DIY Mother's Day gift, and you can customize it with all mum's favourite colours, or even add her name or meaningful words if you get your hand on some lettered beads.

4. Or homemade clay earrings

If she's already got plenty of necklaces she loves to wear, then why not try making polymer clay earrings instead? Polymer clay is a type of modelling clay, and it's soft so you can blend colours, create custom shapes and sculpt it, before baking it so the shape sets.

A polymer clay earring kit is a great way to make mum a personalized gift, and a fun craft that kids can get involved in too. 

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5. Cross Stitch Keyring

Cross stitching is a great way to get kids into embroidery crafts, and many kits comes with templates and instructions catered towards younger children. 

This woodland animal themed cross stitch kit comes with five different designs - an owl, a squirrel, a hedgehog, a fox and a raccoon - and you can turn the embroidered pieces into keyrings, so mum can carry her DIY Mother's Day gift with her everywhere. 

6. Take candid photos

Taking more candid photos is a gift in itself - they capture special memories and happy family times, and when the kids are grown up mum will appreciate them even more.

For a thoughtful DIY Mother's Day gift, you could print out some photos from the most special family moments and decorate them, put them in a collage or simply buy a beautiful frame to hang them up in. 

7. DIY wax melts

For mums who like to pamper themselves, DIY wax melts are a great option. You'll need to get your hands on some paraffin or soy wax, some scented oil and some silicone moulds.

This DIY Mother's Day gift is best suited to older kids, and they'll need plenty of supervision, because the hot wax is a hazard. 

8. Pottery painting

Why not try a paint-your-own kit as a DIY Mother's Day gift this year? There are plenty of options out there from retailers like Target and Walmart, and they can make a great personal gift that mum can display in the home for years to come. 

We think this rainbow ceramic kit from Target is a great choice, but there are plenty of other options too - from unicorns and dinosaurs to a paint-your-own rocket ship. 

9. Personal paintings

If you're keeping it simple this year, a homemade piece of art can make a thoughtful DIY Mother's Day gift. Whether it's a portrait of mum, a landscape that holds a special place in her heart or a drawing of a favourite family memory, she's sure to appreciate the time that went into it. 

A child's drawing of people holding hands

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10. Cookie in a jar

Is there any gift better than freshly-baked cookies? Give the gift of these favourite sweet treats this Mother's Day by layering the ingredients in a mason jar and gifting to mum - you could even decorate the jar too, for an added personal touch.

Looking for recipe inspiration? Why not try our Snickerdoodles - just remember to leave out the egg and butter from the jar, and add them in when it comes to making the recipe. 

11. Or homemade cookies

If mum's not much of a baker but you still want to treat her to something sweet, why not go all the way and make the cookies yourself. You can bake all her favourite flavours, and even package them in a decorative box to make them even more special. 

12. Mason jar votive holders

Mason jars make great votive candle holders - not only can they withstand the heat from the flame, but they look pretty too.

For a DIY Mother's Day gift this year, why not decorate the outside of a couple of mason jars and gift to mum to put around her home. You could use glitter, stickers, ribbon, and any other decorations you feel like adding.  

13. Create a memory jar

If mum loves sentimental gifts then this DIY craft is perfect for Mother's Day. All you need to do is write your favourite family memories down on small squares of paper and place them in a jar.

Mum can pull the memories out and relive those special moments, and the great thing about this gift is that you can add to it as time goes on. You can decorate the jar too, to make it more personal, and even add some of those candid photos you've been taking...

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14. Family handprints

Another sentimental gift, this one's great if you've got a few kids who are hoping to make a DIY Mother's Day present this year. Simply paint their hands, place them on a piece of paper and frame it. You can write underneath who's hand is who's, and arrange the handprints any way you like.

If you want to get even more creative, or just have one handprint to use, why not get a casting kit so you can imprint that special handprint into it, and keep long after those hands have got much bigger. 

15. Pressed flowers

A bouquet of flowers will eventually die, but pressed flowers last much longer - which is why they make a great DIY Mother's Day gift. Get your hands on some of mum's favourite flowers and press them in a flower press - or you can use a heavy book.

You'll need to leave them for a couple of weeks before they're ready, but if you're looking for a last minute solution try ironing them between two pieces of parchment paper instead. Make sure you use a low heat, and iron in 15 second intervals to avoid damaging the flowers. 

16. Mother's Day hamper

If you're still stuck for ideas, why not buy all of mum's favourite things and put them together in a hamper. Whether it's chocolate, candles, cosmetics, flowers or anything else, this is a great way to show you really know what mum likes.

You'll need to get your hands on a nice basket to put all the gifts in, and you can decorate it with a personal touch too. 

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