The "genius" TikTok hack that will make your electric toothbrush cleaner

So simple!

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Every electric toothbrush owner should try this clever cleaning hack...

There's nothing we love more than discovering a new hack online that helps speed up and simplify everyday chores, or makes us look at a gadget in a whole new way. We love a new cooking tip (bagels in an air fryer anyone?), a no-nonsense parenting hack (like this simple wet wipe hack from Lauren Pope), and cleaning advice that actually works (hello sofa cleaning hack), but these hacks don't start and end there.

Currently getting the attention of viewers online is a new TikTok hack that gives electric toothbrush owners a smart and speedy way to keep it in clean condition. Garnering over 12.3 million views on the social media platform, TikTok users have been hailing it as genuinely game-changing.

The hack in question comes from @slopbucket80, who has 10k followers and reguarly posts life hacks and funny videos.

"Show me the life hack you randomly saw one day that is now an unconscious standard practice in your life," she says in the short TikTok. "I'll go first".

The video shows her placing a cotton wool pad with a small hole in the middle over her electric toothbrush charger. She finishes by putting her electric toothbrush on top of the pad on the charger. 


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"Ok so it's not just me?!?!? that base gets so dirty!!! I'm so going to do this," replied one TikTok user, amazed that someone had come up with a solution to the dirty electric toothbrush base. Another commented: "Ohhh my god…. It drives me crazy cleaning that base daily! Thank you!!!"

"I just switched to electric toothbrush and thr dirty base was driving me bonkers..." commented a fellow fan of the hack. Whilst TikTok user @foreverrchloee said: "Are you kidding me. My life has been changed forever!!!"

The hack also received praise from someone who works as a professional cleaner. "I am a cleaner and let me say I will be giving these as gifts to ALL of my customers," wrote @amandafenn785.

Whilst most of the comment section was full of praise, others offered up other options on how they kept their electric toothbrush clean.

"Or just wipe your toothbrush dry before putting it back on its charger so the charger won't get stained," shared @princefunny96. Fellow TikTok user @badtoro76 agreed, writing: "I dry my toothbrush off after each use. it never gets dirty on the bottom like I see mentioned."

Whichever method you decide to go with, the aim remains a clean electric toothbrush that will go the distance.

It's not the only TikTok video to receive attention lately with chocolate lovers enjoying an air fryer hack for mini eggs and learning how to cook creme eggs in an air fryer during the Easter period. Fans were also amazed by an air fryer hack for poached eggsthat's been hailed a "gamechanger". Then there's foodie nan NannaBea's tip on making Yorkshire Puddings in an air fryer

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