Royal fans think there's another telltale sign Kate Middleton is pregnant

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Kate Middleton is currently on a royal tour of Pakistan with her husband Prince William, but the pregnancy rumours have followed them all the way there.

Kate Middleton welcomed her third child, Prince Louis, just last year but rumours that another little one was on the way have started swirling a few months ago.

First it was the new hair do spotted on Princess Charlotte’s first day of school, as this is seen as a distraction move the Duchess has used before.

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This time royal fans are convinced she is pregnant again because the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have made the unusual decision to take a doctor with them on their royal tour.

As only the Queen and Prince Phillip usually take a medic when they travel, the move has made fans think maybe they needed extra precaution because of a pregnancy.

Royal reporter Rebecca English revealed on Twitter, ‘The couple have also, for the first time, brought with them a tour doctor. He’s a friend of William’s from his days with @EastAngliAirAmb. Normally only the Queen and the Prince of Wales take a medic with them.’

Fans were quick to comment with pregnancy speculation, with one saying, ‘I bet she is pregnant.’

Another said, ‘she's pregnant again..'

A photo posted by on

A picture posted on Instagram also attracted even more pregnancy rumours, as fans thought they could spot a baby bump.

One commented, ‘Baby bump alert?’; while another wrote, ‘Duchess Kate looks pregnant’.

A third added, ‘That isn't another tiny baby bump, is it?’

Despite the speculation, it’s not likely the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her fourth child.

The mum-of-three has suffered from severe morning sickness during all her pregnancies, which were announced very early on as she was unable to carry out any engagements during the first months.

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