Royal fans think there’s another telltale sign Meghan Markle is pregnant

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  • Meghan Markle only welcomed baby Archie a few months ago, but rumours about a second pregnancy keep coming up – and there’s one picture that’s getting people talking.

    Meghan attended the Festival of Remembrance alongside husband Prince Harry, and looked stunning as usual.

    But the pictures of the glamours royal have also started baby rumours for the Duchess again, and it’s all down to her hand placement.

    While pregnant with Archie, Meghan was often pictured with her hand on her bump. She was spotted doing it again on Saturday, which some royal fans are taking as a sign she could be pregnant with her second child.

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    One said, ‘Meghan is definitely pregnant again’.

    Credit: Getty

    Another wrote, ‘Is she pregnant again??’

    A third added, ‘Am I the only one who thinks Meghan is pregnant again??’

    During her first pregnancy, hypnobirthing expert Katharine Graves commented on Meghan’s cradling of her bump, saying it’s a normal response to comfort the baby and the mum.

    She told Mail Online at the time, “Cradling a bump is something that’s hardwired into women from a biological perspective.

    “Women are instinctively drawn to touching their babies because, even when they’re in the womb, it produces a hormone called oxytocin. This hormone is known as the bonding hormone, but it also affects the strength of your contractions in labour.

    “The more oxytocin in your system, the stronger your contractions will be, which can lead to an easier birth. Placing your hands on your bump comforts the baby, comforts you, and helps create the optimum conditions for labour.”

    While it’s probably too soon for baby news from the Sussex household – as experts recommend at least one year gap between pregnancies – we can’t to see little baby Archie with a little brother or sister!