Mrs Hinch shares family holiday hack to avoid over-packing

The cleaning influencer has divided opinion with this holiday cleaning hack

Holiday packing hack
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Cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch has shared a holiday hack to avoid over-packing clothes for trips but fan opinion is divided. 

Mrs Hinch has made a name for herself online by sharing hundreds of brilliant cleaning tips and parenting hacks to make family life that little bit easier. From her McDonald's Happy Meal hack for reducing kids' mess to her two-ingredient air fryer hack that had hundreds of parents popping cheese strings in an air fryer, the cleanfluencer has gained thousands of fans for her insightful tips. 

Her candid posts about her personal family life are yet another draw to the social media star. Fans were delighted when she moved to the country to live on a farm and shared in the heartache over her son Ronnie's double hospital dash and subsequent diagnosis of Kawasaki disease

So when the family went away on holiday following Ronnie's miraculous recovery, fans were delighted. Following a blip where Mrs Hinch was mum-shamed over her 'screaming' sons on a flight, the trip was back up and running and the influencer soon shared her favourite holiday hack that stopped her over-packing clothes for her children. 

On Instagram Stories, the 33-year-old mum of two shared her 'holiday laundry go-tos' that are 'all from Amazon.'

She shared a picture of the Dr Beckmann travel wash and a small white bag with a rope attached that can be used as a travel washing line.

Alongside the pictures she wrote, "It's got suction bits on either end so I've been putting it across two windows and then hanging my clothes over it to dry.

"It's amazing and I also got a three pack of laundry bags. I didn't want to pack really heavy, I'd rather just bring less than wash those few clothes here and there.

"It's been amazing, the washing line, travel wash and the laundry bag - Amazon. What would we do without it?"

But while the influencer couldn't praise the hack enough, her fans weren't as convinced. On the Facebook group 'Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips,' many fans commented responses such as “I'm not going on holiday to wash, cook or clean. So it comes home," while others shared, “Never ever do washing on holiday. Do it when you get home. After all, you holiday to get away from all the normal weekly tasks.”

But some fans did agree that doing a quick clothes wash on holiday can be a lifesaver. Those who agreed with the influencer said they tend to wash their clothes in the sink, with one fan commenting that they do it 'like our grandmothers used to do' and then 'put [them] over the back of a chair in the sun if possible to dry.'

 Another had a faster, and much more fun-sounding, way to get clothes washed quickly and you can even get the kids involved. They wrote, “Throw them in the bathtub with travel wash and stomp on them."

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