The 'most beautiful' baby names revealed by scientists

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The 'most beautiful' baby names revealed by scientists
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If you're wondering what baby names have been crowned the 'most beautiful', look no further. 

It's no secret that choosing a baby name is one of the most special traditions of bringing new life into the world. Whether new parents choose from a list of unique baby names or play it safe by going with one of the most popular baby names, giving your child their birth moniker- even a royal baby name - is always a memorable experience. 

New research conducted by the parenting gift site, My1stYears, has now revealed which baby names have won the title of 'most beautiful'. Zayn and Sophie have been crowned the 'most beautiful' names overall, with Jesse and Charlie being the runner-ups for boys' names. Meanwhile, Zoe and Rosie are the second and third 'beautiful' girls' names. 

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The study was done in collaboration with Dr. Bodo Winter, Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Birmingham. It measured which of the 100 most popular names in 2022 evoked the most positive emotions when said aloud and found that Zayn and Sophie scored the highest. Zayn was famously popularized in the mid-2010s with the rise of One Direction's Zayn Malik, while Sophie, which means 'wisdom', has been a well-loved name for quite some time. 

"Naming our newborns can sometimes feel incredibly overwhelming, particularly if you haven’t already got a shortlist by the time they’re born!" said the Head of Marketing at My1st Years, Gareth Chadwick. "Whether it’s choosing the right spelling, imagining what nicknames they’ll end up with, or considering how it’ll sound when they’re older - there’s a lot to think about before signing that birth certificate.

The other 'most beautiful names' to make the Top 10 list in the girls' category were Sophie, Ivy, Phoebe, Violet, Willow, Hannah, and Ellie. In the boys' category, Louie, William, Freddie, George, Ali, Daniel, and Riley made the Top 10. 

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